I have no regrets, I thank God that I am still talking about it and for what life has given me, but I remember with great pleasure the years of youth, of hope, of simplicity.

People were content with simple things and were happy about it. Saturday night in the pizzeria every so often, if there was money. Otherwise at a friend’s house. We were together, we talked, we walked, we smiled at life just because we were walking around. Sorry if I insist on walking, but this also seems to be a practice of other times. Today we run for the road, we fly with the trolley to the supermarket, we snort at the red light, or if the metro doesn’t break the minute, if the guy in front of the newsstand line takes too long to choose the newspaper, if the waiter at dinner we need dinner 5 minutes late, as if we were going somewhere instead of quietly enjoying it at the table!

I wonder what would happen if we all slowed down. If there were no internet, if there were no mobile phones if there were only ten channels on the TV … how would we spend time, how would we manage our lives?

The Mediterranean Countries, first Greece, had invented the Agorà, which was the heart of the polis, where was facilitated the integration between classes, races, and generations, where lived together public and private, secular and religious, gossip and denunciation, joy and mourning. In a nutshell, at the Agorà, outdoors, man is part of civilization. In social networks the square becomes global, computer networks and social networks play, on a planetary scale, relational networks that the Agorà allowed only locally. The Agorà undergoes a metamorphosis that was unimaginable just 20 years ago, has become a pseudo-square that day by day becomes more intimate and universal, more flexible and comfortable, but also more subtle, pathological, aggressive, elusive. However, it remains the need for physical places of meeting.

Our body continues to require physical contact, smells, tastes, looks, gestures. Continues to need to meet and clash the bodies, of large groups, movie theaters, classrooms student. That does not contradict but complement the virtuality.

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Aldo Delli Paoli
After classical studies and the Bachelor Degree in Law, I have had experience of teaching law and economics in high school, completed the legal and notarial practice, admitted to the lawyer bar since 1975, I worked as a civil lawyer for about 4 years. In 1970 I joined General Motors Acceptance Corporation, Italy, the financing company of General Motors, where I made different kinds of experience serving in leadership roles and as a CEO as well as a board member (credit collection, district manager, retail contract acquisition, wholesale and retail credit risk manager, recruitment and training of Human Resources, analysis and management of corporate law issues, new branch development, introduction of flexibility tools and outsourcing, partnership projects (SAAB, Subaru), Quality Council, Units relations, branch closures, analysis and restructuring of organizational processes, compliance, change management. In December 2004 I retired maintaining the role of an external member of the Board and head of the Vigilance Committee up to April 2008. I collaborated with the magazine "Autoperator" on financial services matters, to Corriere della Sera & Sole 24Ore on any labor matters.
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Johnny Johnston

Yes, the truth is without a physically social society we will cease to exist. We have moved into a place where the deterioration of that which has kept us alive in our senses is eroding into closed units that will collapse if not changed. I agree with you 100%…. Great article and also warning… J

Len Bernat

Aldo – First, I am so grateful you are writing for Dennis so that a greater audience can learn from your wisdom. Second, this piece contains wonderful advice and wisdom. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

Larry Tyler

Great article my friend. Strong Ink Indeed!!

Lynn Forrester-Pitocco

Aldo, you are right that we should remember the days of old, great pleasure, youth, and certainly hope in all things. Something I don’t see today in the generations to replace the old. I hope that I am wrong. Thank you for this article.