I feel IT in my soul every day. I talk to other people each day and they talk about IT, too. I listen to podcasts while I’m exercising and I hear the speakers talk about IT. I read every chance I get and writers are writing about IT. I’m on social media some part of each day and I continually see Memes about IT. My business partners include IT in their very “why” statements (like, why they are doing the business). When I go to church, I hear about IT.

What is IT?

IT is the common human desire to genuinely help others; to make a difference in this life; to ease the suffering; to erase the heartache; to mend the broken; to bring love to the rejected, and to see justice for the wronged. The IT is all about MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN THE LIVES OF OTHERS.

IT is this giant, larger-than-life desire that is enveloping the thoughts and feelings of so many people. Interestingly, it is almost always spoken about from the perspective of being an unfulfilled desire. In other words, the majority of people express the sentiment that they want to do more; they wish they could do more; they desire opportunities to do more, and they want to step into MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN THE LIVES OF OTHERS!

IT is the common human desire to genuinely help others; to make a difference in this life; to ease the suffering; to erase the heartache; to mend the broken; to bring love to the rejected; and to see justice for the wronged.

At the same time, I’ve also noticed that far too often when the human need is huge and overwhelming and bigger than any one person can control – there seems to be an immobilization factor. This immobilization causes the majority of people to simply look right past the heartbreaking need and simply DO NOTHING.

Immobilization has happened to me, more than once. Has immobilization happened to you? Does immobilization still happen to you?

As for me, “No!” I do not allow immobilization to happen to me anymore!

When I see a huge need that is completely overwhelming to me because it is so much bigger than I can possibly control or fix – I purposefully step forward and do what I can with what I have.

❇️  If I can give financially, I give what I have.

❇️  If I can share a word of direct comfort and encouragement, I speak or write.

❇️  If I can provide a service that brings relief or meets an immediate need, I take that action.

❇️  If I can connect other people to the need or cause, I reach out, contact others, and share the information.

What I CAN DO with what I DO HAVE might be little or it might be much, depending on the situation and the need.

But guess what? When someone is in a life crisis of need, my little is usually so very much toward their need. My little is like water to the drought; like warmth in the frigid cold; and like breath to the stifled life gasps. Even greater, my little might just be everything to that person’s soul.

And guess what, again? It is an absolute surety that if I do nothing, the person will continue to suffer in lack or pain or despair or maybe even death. You know, there is more than one kind of death.

There is the death of hope and faith and belief. I propose that these kinds of deaths are far worse than physical death. They are worse because of the abject misery that is attached to having breath in your lungs while being utterly hopeless, faithless, or despairing unto death.

Today, I am asking you to step into your “IT” in life. Be the person who makes a difference in the lives of one someone – just one – for today. Click To Tweet

Today, I challenge you to do what you can with what you have when you see a need or when you are asked to help someone.

Today, I am challenging you to NOT turn away in complete inaction caused by immobilization.

Today, I am asking you to step into your “IT” in life. Be the person who makes a difference in the lives of one someone – just one – for today.

I am wholly confident that your little will be MUCH to that person’s need.

As you feel led, please click below to contribute to this ONE Family Caregiving need

❤️ Allyson Meche Caregiving Support ❤️

I know for sure that your little will make a huge difference in the life of this ONE family.

But whatever you choose to do, do something with the beautiful gift of YOU. One by one and together, we can end the plague of immobilization among us.

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Devaney Rae
Devaney’s professional background includes Instructional Design Technology, Professional Training, and Organizational/ Performance Business Consulting. She provides these services through her business, Performance Strategies & Solutions. She has enjoyed a successful career in Healthcare Administration, Chemical Manufacturing, Retail Sales, Marketing, and within the Non-Profit Business sectors. Devaney earned her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Walden University and her Master’s degree in Instructional Design Technology for Professional Trainers from New York Institute of Technology. She also earned a degree in Dental Hygiene with license to practice in Texas and Louisiana. Devaney is a published author of the book, Countless Joys: The Place Beyond Tears (Westbow Press, 2015). The content is her story about how ordinary people are called to do the extraordinary things in life. She has a passion for impacting others with life-giving hope, joy, and peace. Her most fulfilling moments are when she has her ‘boots in the mud’ and is sharing life one-on-one, in small groups, or in crowds of people. These are some of the reasons she established the non-profit organization, Countless Joys, Inc. in 2015. The mission of Countless Joys, Inc. is to Touch the Lives of Others with Joy. The specific focus is on Interrupting Human Trafficking of children and teenagers. Devaney loves collaborating with other individuals and organizations who are like-minded and who desire to offer a Hand Up to others right where they are. She hopes to leave a lasting impact upon the lives of families, teenagers, and children through the work of Countless Joys, Inc. Altogether, giving back to others is Devaney’s personal life mission and joy. Devaney makes her home in Mobile, Alabama with her husband, Greg Jones.

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Lynn Forrester

“Our works of charity are nothing but the overflow of our love for God. Therefore, the one who is most united to God loves others the most. To understand and practice this, we need to pray, for prayer unites us with God and overflows upon others.”
— Bl. Mother Teresa of Calcutta, p. 54

Larry Tyler

Often it is the little things we do that create the biggest ripples.

Larry Tyler

Great read makes me refocus on the possibility to help that the day will bring.