Your Happiness Engages You in Your Work

Are you hungry for emotionally worthwhile work? If so, this is going to guide you to turn things around for yourself.

A recent Gallop poll found that only 15% of employees globally are engaged in their work.

And yet happiness and engagement in your effort are totally intertwined.

Want to be happy?

Do you wish your work (at home, in volunteering, in business or job) to contribute to your happiness? Are you aware of how you make a difference?

Be engaged in what you’re doing.

Because what’s happening between your ears matters. Ahhh… and also because the human brain is lazy. Indeed, it has to be. Physically tiny compared to the rest of your body. But burning up huge percentages of your physical energy. (Yep! Your brain uses lots of calories.)

Give your brain what it seeks… and you’ll begin to discover how your happiness engages you in your work.

Here’s a quick take on how to change what’s happening between your ears so that you can be happy today. Watch this two-minute private video “Your Happiness Engages You” by clicking on the watch link here:

Cynthia Ann Leighton
Cynthia Ann Leightonhttps://twitter.com/leightoncynthia
Cynthia Ann Leighton guides folks to action. Emotionally worthwhile effort on bigger dreams! When you want to break through fear to joy and playfulness, choose an action. When you need to develop confidence and habits that make an impact, start small. Emotionally worthwhile effort is the most effective way to achieve your goals and get results. Cynthia owns Software Enterprise Limited.


  1. Loved this message Cynthia, all points well stated… Happiness varies from person to person. Each day an individual repeats a conditional pattern of social upbringing, personal desire and genetic tendency. How this compound drives our happiness is incumbent upon how we react to life’s turbulent offerings. It is not always simple, nor always possible to maintain a constant state of happiness… But as long as we have something important and special that defines our individuality, than most of us can find satisfaction in the simple things we encounter. We can exist and live in a state of fulfillment, regardless of material or superficial substitutes. While this may sound elementary, finding happiness can be a very complicated matter for some people… That’s why it’s important to share messages like the one you created here. Great job!

    • Thank you Aaron Towle for your warm reflection here.

      I believe happiness is a choice. Because your attitude when experiencing adversity can turn the tide to recognizing life is an adventure.

      Indeed . . . “life’s turbulent offerings,” as you so gracefully put it!

      I appreciate how you’ve contributed to this conversation. And your kind words and compliment.


  2. Being able to love the job you are doing or reaching the goal of finding a new job to love, are two highly desirable results for everyone regardless of the type of job, skills, age, because those who manage to bring together the verb to work with the verb to love all of life benefits from it in terms of energy, creativity, reliability, quality and ability to face the inevitable difficulties that every job entails.
    But, loving your work means taking care of it every day. Love for work also requires constant nourishment, it does not live without us taking care of it every day. It is necessary to take time to think about what can be done that is new, different, better; we must always set new goals, new opportunities; it is necessary to want to be always present and attentive without leaving our work in the hands of routine or “it has always been done so”.