Your Business Is A Puzzle, But Do You Have What It Takes To Put The Pieces Together?

In many ways, business is a puzzle. Building a successful company is all about locating the pieces and putting them together to form a cohesive whole. Fail to do this, and you’re sure to stumble into issues. Something as simple as one missing piece can ruin all your efforts. With that in mind, it’s worth asking yourself whether you have what it takes to build a puzzle like this. Even if not, you’d then be free to harness your processes to make sure you have them in the future.

But, what exactly do you need to get this puzzle right? And, how can you put foundations in place if these skills don’t come naturally to you?


The puzzle requires plenty of patience. If you’re rushing, you won’t take the time you need to get everything right. That can lead to one misplaced piece which upsets the whole picture. That could see you having to undo the entire thing and start again. Ironically, the best way to buy yourself time here would be to keep hold of your day job. The moment you rely on your business for cash, after all, time will become much less luxurious. That’s when most entrepreneurs make their fatal mistakes. Instead, you need to literally buy yourself time. You can then dedicate evenings and weekends to your business until the picture is far enough along that you can focus on it without needing to rush.

An analytical mind

To some extent, every puzzle requires an analytical mind. You need to spot patterns within colors and certain pieces to ever be able to put them together. And, guess what? The same rules apply for business. Analytical reasoning can go a considerable way towards helping you make well-informed business decisions. To some extent, this is a skill you may already have from your experience in the working world. If not, don’t hesitate to sign up for something like this accredited online mba program which can teach you as you go. Even if that means setting your idea aside for the time being, it’s a step worth taking. Then, you’ll be able to approach with a new outlook, and put together pieces you would never have before.

A platform on which to build

No puzzle can stand on thin air. They all need a base on which to be built. Be it your coffee table or a proper puzzle holder; you need a firm foundation underneath those pieces. Equally, you need a firm foundation for your business. If you try to build something out of thin air, it’s sure to fall apart before you ever manage to complete the picture. Instead, build on firm foundations. Create an audience using existing platforms like social media. Start making a name for yourself by working with well-known companies. Then, you can start to create your beautiful image on the back of their strength. All the better for keeping your puzzle in one piece until it’s finished and ready to stand on its own.

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