You Matter Moments

In the spirit of “You never know when a You Matter moment will show up,” I offer this story.

While walking in the park this morning, I saw a man cleaning a bench with Windex and a paper towel. The bench had a small plaque on it with the names of two people. I said it was kind of him to clean the bench, and I asked him if he knew the people the bench was dedicated to. He said they were his father and his son. I offered my condolences, said the bench was a beautiful tribute, and I continued walking.

But I wanted to do more.

I stopped at my car and grabbed three You Matter cards. The man was sitting on the bench when I returned to it. I approached him and said, “In honor of your father and son I’d like you to have these” and I gave him the three cards. His eyes moistened as he wiped away a tear. Then he said, “You really understand. This means so much. Thank you.”

Was I nervous giving the man You Matter cards?


But it was worth the risk. It always is…

The moment mattered. The man on the bench mattered.

You Matter.

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CHERYL Rice works with high potential leaders at every level. She has been working with clients to improve individual, team and executive performance for over 20 years. Cheryl’s speaking, and coaching clients include: Pfizer, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, Drexel University, Campbells Soup, and the Wharton School. Cheryl has held significant positions in the healthcare, financial services and technology industries. Past corporate positions include Director of Organization Development for AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, AVP of Leadership Development at ACE International, and leadership consulting roles at CIGNA, NovaCare, and SMS (now Siemens). Cheryl is especially gifted in helping women cultivate their leadership presence, develop confidence, and establish a healthy and mindful approach to work and life. She is also the author of the inspiring memoir, Where Have I Been All My Life? Additionally, her essays and commentaries have appeared in local and national publications including the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Chicago Tribune, Cure Today, and Maria Shriver’s Blog, Architects of Change. In 2016 Cheryl founded the You Matter Marathon (no running required!), a global kindness and community building program in 59 countries. With a BA in Psychology from Monmouth University, an MS in Counseling from the University of Pennsylvania, and an MS in Organization Development from Pepperdine University, Cheryl brings significant academic training to compliment her practical work experience. Additionally, Cheryl is an ICF certified coach, has a certificate in Applied Positive Psychology and taught classes in organization change at local universities.
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Jane Anderson

Thanks for this story. Why do we have to be brave to share this message? But, it does take courage and a hike outside our comfort zone. This is year 4 if I remember correctly. You Matter 24/7/366