You Are YOU-nique

We gain strength through our life experiences and become the best version of ourselves by transforming those strengths into our life’s work. Bharat Mathur, bestselling author and “change management advisor,” learned some valuable lessons at an early age that became the foundation of his book, You are YOU-unique: Realize Your True Worth; and the basis upon which he empowers CEOs and leaders for success.

In my interview with Bharat, I learned about his early struggles leading up to his amazing tenacity to stick to his integrity, ultimately allowing him to achieve his dreams while helping others along the way.

EB: You have an impressive track record for success. Please share some of your most memorable times that enabled you to be where you are today.

BM: I used to sit in the lap of my grandfather. He was my life teacher, mentor and gave me the values I learned to cherish in my life. All the moments I spent with him, were the best in my life. The biggest thing he taught me was perseverance and started me reading the newspaper at a very young age. This was part of his teachings in how to live life, always striving to excel. He believed any information you gather can be used at any stage in your life. I developed a deep passion to learn, educate myself, and be on a continuous path of gaining knowledge for success.

EB: What are the top three principles your grandfather taught you?

BM: He taught me:

  • Honesty – being truthful about everything; be strong enough within yourself to stand tall in your honesty.
  • Honest work you do is worth it – if it helps put food on the table, and helps the poor; then whatever work you are doing is worth it.
  • “Don’t be scared of it” – follow your goals and keep going ahead, while never compromising.

As I put these principles into practice I learned a lot, through the tragedies of what others brought to my experience. I give credit for my success to all those people who were not with me; rather they were against me. They did everything in their power to discourage, dissuade me, and too many things to try to bring me down. I became stronger because of those struggles, using the wisdom gained to pass on to those I help achieve their goals.

EB: On the road to success there are challenges. What have been some of your biggest challenges and how have they made you stronger?

BM: Challenges are a part of life, and I have learned to take them as they come. My first challenge was my upbringing with financial difficulties; however, my educational foundation enabled me to overcome this obstacle. The second challenge was, as I became successful in my business, corruption was commonplace. This caused me to make an important decision. I left India to start a new life in North America, which gave me the freedom to build a successful business, write and engage in honest work.

EB: Tell me about your book You Are YOU-nique; Realize Your True Worth, #1 Best Seller E-Book on Personality Development.

BM: My book was a memoir when I started writing it, relating it to the challenges in life. Then it evolved to where I talk about how to devise a plan to overcome them one by one. After publishing this book, I started to change direction through my quest for learning. I came across information about the changes in technology, learning about the Internet of Thing (IoT). I am currently working on my next book soon to be released.

EB: What do you feel makes you You-nique?

BM: I don’t surrender to someone else’s wishes, directions or influence if it is not in my best interest. I will not budge on my own opinion, when I know in my heart of hearts what is right for me. I relate to my surroundings and know what is the best outcome for me, at which point I will take action for reaching that outcome.

EB: What inspires you to keep going and strive for your highest achievement?

BM: I have a passion for reading and writing. My first one is reading books, and getting information. This inspires me to write. I take notes, they become chapters, then it all turns into my books. Inspiration comes from what I see around me, and over the years I have spoken to thousands of people who have given me the foundation from which to write. I see now, there is a huge change coming. It’s already here, and it is one we cannot stop.

EB: What do you wish today’s leaders had more knowledge and skills for growth and advancement?

BM: I wish today’s leaders would know what they should have, know and be guiding. The trend has changed; therefore, focus needs to change. Help the public by imparting knowledge and empower others to rise to their strengths.

EB: How can stressed out high achievers gain better control over their emotions and responses to their experiences? How do you handle stress?

BM: Sometimes leaders can become enamored with their level of achievement and a certain level of arrogance sets in. This can influence how they respond to and handle stress. If they can be the same inside out, their tunnel vision can be transformed to realize those at “the bottom” support them. Making sure you never burn your bridges, because you come back the same way you went up. Focus should be on the foundation from which they come from – never forget your roots.

Peace, solitude and meditation are the three ‘Mantras’ I use to alleviate stress. Each one or more of these three helps overcome life’s trials and tribulations in an appreciable fashion.

EB: What is your favorite quote?

BM: “A man’s greatest glory doesn’t consist in never falling, but in rising every time he falls.” Author Unknown

EB: You train individuals in the art of ‘Empowerment through a 4 step Self-Realization, Appreciation, Escalation and Achievement process. How do you achieve this for yourself?

BM: I relate to my own life, how I went from a “nobody,” learning the skills, techniques of how to set goals, and aim for achievable targets.

What I tell my clients is….I am going to give you the necessary cuts, like a diamond, to get the right shine out of the person you are today.

  • What you should be doing
  • Your perspective
  • Your outlook
  • How you take care of your time
  • Your responsibilities
  • How to choose between right and wrong

This helps me deliver on my goals, by helping my clients reach theirs.

EB: Any words of wisdom for someone wanting to achieve their highest potential and find success in their personal and professional life?

BM: Know your surroundings of where you are today and know where you want to get. Unless you know these two points, you won’t know how you will travel or where you are going. Everything comes as you go along. You can adjust targets, but not your goals.


Eileen Bild
Eileen Bild
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  1. One of the most interesting interviews I ever had was when I was recruited from a big box. The owner started off by saying. I will match your pay plus 5%. You will work less hours and have weekend off. Because you have been at ******** company for 7 years I don’t want to know about what you do business wise. He asked only that I tell him who I am as a person. To this day I truly admire and respect that he did that. He changed forever the way I did interviews. Eileen I always love you articles and Bharat you have always supported me and been a dear friend. Great article from two people I truly admire.

    • Larry, thank you for your sincerity in expressing your thoughts. I am honored you love my articles and that Bharat has always supported you. Yes, that does seem like it would have been an interesting interview. I actually really like how he did that and goes along with how I prefer to do my interviews. Who the person is, what makes them tick and pulling out some things they may not have considered are all a part of my platform. I have been accused of making people think!! LOL

    • Bob, you have a really good point here! Knowing ‘who” is behind the interview can help avoid bad hires. I would like to add though, sometimes a person who seemingly is a bad hire can be empowered to reach their highest potential. An aware employer will be able to see potential and have the tools to motivate, encourage and lead for the individual’s success. Thank you for adding your thoughts to this thread.

  2. I laughed a little from the article.

    It takes a lot of work to pretend to be somebody you’re not. A lot of stress too. When you get rid of all that and be just who you are, there is much less stress. Also it’s much easier to defend yourself; may it be random strangers in a parking lot or from office politics at work.

    Being your self is just easier. But the transition to becoming this way is very very very painful. Work through the pain.

    • Chris, you are correct! It takes much more work to be somebody you are not….but it seems so many are afraid to be themselves…..for many reasons they believe to be true. Agree….learning to be authentically you allows for less stress. I believe the ease in defense comes from feeling confident and self assured. It does seem to be painful to transition into stepping fully into one’s truths; however, if the process is properly guided for the individual, then the pain can be minimal with extraordinary results! Thank you for sharing.