You Are What You Eat – Top 3 Food Items That Should Be In Your Diet Plan

Turn that frown upside down. Just because you need to lose weight doesn’t mean you have to brace yourself for pain and torture. Eating healthy does not mean you only have to live on rabbit food. A healthy lifestyle is about limiting your food intake without depriving your body of the essential nutrients it needs to remain strong and active.

Yes, it will feel overwhelming at first. Anyone can drown in the sheer volume of information about diet plans and healthy food out there. While one health expert says kale is good for you, another dietician bashes it. All you need to remember is that you just have to replace processed food with healthier options for a balanced diet plan.

Here are some food items that can maximize your nutrient intake and boost your health and wellbeing.

1.    Feel Fuller For Longer With Grains

Food items that are made with whole grain are low in fat, fibrous and are complex carbohydrates. All of these three facts mean that it breaks down slowly in the body which makes us feel fuller for longer so you won’t be reaching for a snack before lunchtime.

To determine which items at the grocery store have grain, check the ingredient list for whole wheat or whole oat flour. Plus, the products you choose should offer at least 3 cups of fiber per serving. Some examples of such products include brown rice, whole-wheat bread, barley, rolled oats, whole-wheat pasta, buckwheat, etc.

Search for grain options that are free from trans fat and have little to no sugar. Contrary to popular belief, even baked items can be high in sugar even if the packaging says it is healthy! Besides being a rich source of fiber, the whole grain products you choose should also provide vitamin B and iron. Refined options may taste better but they lack sufficient nutrients and fiber to make your diet work.

2.    Add Flavor and Get Energy from Fruits

Veggies and fruit have little to no fat, are full of flavor, nutrients and can add variety to a bland diet plan. Some of the options you can look into include leafy greens such as cabbage, spinach, and kale as well as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, apples, plums papaya, pineapple, bananas, peaches, melons, and pears.

You don’t need to eat them whole either. Make smoothies, flavorful salads, low sugar jams and side dishes from green veggies and colorful fruit options. That way you will celebrate rather than dread each meal and won’t reach for unhealthy options such as candy or fast food.

3.    Add Flavor and Fiber with Berries

Berries get a special mention because they are fiber powerhouses and fruits that we rarely get enough of. Eating just a handful of these flavorful nuggets a day can give you enough fiber to keep your bowels happy, your waistline trim and ensure your heart beats normally.

If berries are not in season, opt for frozen ones and make smoothies or add them in yogurt for a healthy breakfast. Just make sure that the ones you grab at the store do not have sweeteners or you will do more harm than good for your diet plans.

Raspberries are a preferable option for weight loss. A single cup a day can keep you cancer-free while the same amount of blueberries a day can keep your memory sharp as you grow older. Similarly, a cup of strawberries a day can keep you full till lunch and keep your skin looking youthful.

Set Yourself Up For Success!

Even if you incorporate all of the aforementioned options in your diet plan, they will do zilch for your health if you cheat! The key to great health is discipline but you can make the journey easier with a few tips. Here are some ways you can set yourself up for weight loss success:

Reduce Distractions

If you eat while binge-watching your favorite shows on Netflix, you are just adding more fat to your frame. The activity is distracting you from the amount of food you are putting in your body. Think you don’t binge eat during this? How many times do you get up for seconds during meal times? If it is more than once, you have a serious problem with commitment.

Prevent that from happening by eating at the dinner table and make sure you don’t have any smart devices near you. Take smaller portions and savor each bite so you feel satiated enough at the end of the meal to forego more food. Train your brain to maintain this routine, keep stress at bay so you can keep off extra fat.

Become More Active…SLOWLY!

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to work out like a beast to jumpstart your weight loss journey. Firstly, it will break down your resolve before you make any progress. Secondly, you may seriously injure yourself in the process!

You need to make your body used to movements and activity that it isn’t used to by taking small steps first. The best way to do that is with a simple 30-minute long walk each day. Besides aiding in weight loss, this simple exercise can stretch unused muscles so you don’t collapse when you start working out in earnest.

Cook for Yourself

According to studies, cooking meals and meal planning at home promotes weight loss by encouraging healthy eating habits. Think about it. Would you eat more of a meal you paid for in a restaurant or a meal you worked hard to cook yourself? The former will not guilt you into maintaining our diet plan, but the latter will encourage you to choose the aforementioned food options.

It’s not all bad news. Once you start cooking for yourself and maintaining diet plans, you can experiment with healthy recipes and save money at the same time. Talk to a dietician about the meals you should prepare so that you remain on the right path and don’t regain the weight you manage to lose.

Eating healthy is a personal choice but it can pave the way to a positive outlook and an energetic body. Everyone deserves that. So what are you waiting for?

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