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Vantage Points Header Joel ElvesonUNDOUBTEDLY you have been exposed to many clichés that you can recite them all while snoring in bed. I am painfully aware of the negative connotations the use of clichés have associated with them along with the repercussions that will inevitably come when an article such as the one I am starting to write that is filled with clichés galore except for the fact I am going to create some that have never been used before and couple them with other original content.

This election is more about the candidates than it is about the election. Point of fact you are only as good as you r last debate performance as judged by how bad you tried to portray the other candidates while deftly dancing around the real issues that American are concerned with.

In the case of Donald Trump you are only as good as your last rampaging rant. You are only as good as you last flip-flop and certainly only as good as the polls seem to indicate you are which is to say pretty darn good to date. However, you will not be as good as you think you are until you show who or what you really are or how you really think (if you bother to think which at times is painfully clear that you do not as evidenced by the things you do and say) you can be the hope so many are hoping that you are.

Ted Cruz you are only as good as you last scathing attack on Marco Rubio, Donald Trump not to mention the little “rumor” you started about Ben Carson leaving the race or your very unevangelical behavior that is in striking contrast to the religious values you, your wife and your father claim to espouse.

Marco Rubio you are only as good as the ridiculous debate you engaged in with Ted Cruz about who speaks Spanish better. You are only as good as the borders you will not strongly commit to protection in the aggressive manner they should be. You are only as good as the last state you have won thus far to date.

Hillary Clinton you are only as free as the blood that is on your hands from the death sentence you issued to four innocent Americans whose lives were cut short by your actions. You are only as good as the other scandals that lay underneath the sheets that you and Bill lay on. You are only as good as the e-mails you are hiding from the public so we won’t know the truth. You are only as good as the lack of morals you and your sexually lusting husband possess. You are only as innocent as any other murderer can be. You deserve to be as free as anybody can be from behind a rusted iron prison door.

Bernie Sanders you are only as good as the last good idea you came up. When you come up with a good idea or solution perhaps you will merit more mention that is if you haven’t been completely swept asunder by Hillary by that time. Bye Bye Bernie!

The company you keep (the crowd you “run” with) is a direct reflection of who you are as a person. If you cling to filth you too are filth. If you associate with violent extremists you too are a violent extremist.

How you treat you sales people directly reflects on your character or in some cases the lack thereof. If you cheat just one sales person one time or every sales person every time irrespective to how, you as a manager deserve not only to be fired but to have a permanent record follow you around of your sleazy salesman killing behavior. Not only should what “goes around, comes around” come to you by way of somebody doing to you what you have done to others.

If you are a recruiter you are only as good as the last placement you made, the last fee you collected, the last time you really cared about whose life you have hopefully improved or empowered or cared about. If you are about the fee and billings only you are not a recruiter! What you are is a disgrace to a time-honored noble profession.

As a leader you are only as good as the people you have led, where you have led them, how you have led them, and what your leadership has led to. All great leaders have led with sense of purpose, with a sense of love and loyalty to those who followed their footprints. If you have led and success has followed you are a great leader. If you leave mediocrity in you wake then yours is a legacy of failure. Lead on but with a conscience of good will and intent with due purpose of success for all in mind.

If you are a parent or a parent to be yours is the toughest job of all jobs. You must teach discipline by way of displaying your values and your commitment to their lives, to their futures, to the future they will bring to this civilization. Spare the rod but don’t spoil the child. Show them the way they must go and to go their journey having been raised by love.

If you are a dreamer “dream all your dreams on your own.” –Shilo-Neil Diamond.



Joel Elveson
Joel Elveson
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