YOU are Essential

During 2020, there was a lot of talk about “essential workers.” When this term was used, they were generally talking about medical personnel and those required to keep the communities running. The non-medical people included trash collectors, grocery store cashiers, delivery people, and to a limited extent retail and restaurant personnel. This left many of us designated as “non-essential” during the pandemic. Since the awful situation caused a lot of mental health challenges, being dubbed as discretionary can make the sadness deepen. This video talks about the fact all of us are essential. Each and every one of us is essential to someone. Your job role is probably a minor part of being essential.

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Kate Frank
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Kate Frank rediscovered her gift for writing at the age of 52. Since then she has been a published author in 5 books, dozens of nationally distributed magazines and has three websites where she regularly contributes content. However, most of her time is spent writing for others. Ghostwriting books for Authority Level clients is the culmination of everything she has learned through the years. In the last 5 years, Kate has ghostwritten books for more than 12 published and delighted authors. She has also written more than 1,000 articles published in some of the most prestigious online magazines in the world. However, they were mostly published in the names of her clients. Ms. Frank is a complete nerd about the art and science of making a nonfiction book profitable. Her services include ghostwriting, of course. What makes her a different sort of writer is the research she has done to develop a program called the RICH Author Method. Download a free introduction to the concept HERE. Her second passion is a belief in human imperfection. Self-acceptance requires we embrace our differences. It is also the cornerstone of compassion for others. As a contributor to the best-selling book “Make it a Great Day”, her chapter is Manual for Misfits. This chapter represents her deeply held belief it is in the places where we don’t fit in we find our greatest gifts. Kate invites the reader to reach out to her via email: [email protected]. She welcomes your comments. Also, visit her passion blog: Passion for Imperfection to learn more about the joys and gifts of not being average.


  1. Thanks Carolyn, two things caused me to take this path for our Hopefest. First, I strongly believe in the essential nature of each of us – with all our imperfections. Second, the fact many people have found extra time during the pandemic and also found reflection about their lives unsatisfactory. It’s easy to lose site of our own personal value. Unfortunately, many are dealing with severe depression. I want to do my part to change this way of seeing ourselves.

  2. Kate,
    Your words are so critical on this day and every day! Yes… we are all essential and everyone needs someone. I love the quote: “Don’t be afraid to shine, someone always needs your light”. Being available for each other is the most essential thing we can do as humans.
    May your light shine brightly, every day.