You Are Enough – Just as You Are

I have noticed that even the most successful executives, leaders, and high-level professionals are challenged with owning their self-worth.

Lovingly accepting the person you are, your feelings, thoughts, and values, the total package is the best gift for overall health you can give to yourself. If you struggle with acceptance of self and/or perfectionism, I encourage you to mindfully process those deep emotions that carry pain and heavy burdens. For example, not meeting someone’s expectations, disapproval, shame, blame, guilt, or failure can rattle our self-worth or confidence in believing we are enough.

Very gently and lovingly, give yourself permission to feel these emotions, hold space in a loving, nurturing fashion for yourself as you explore these emotions, and permit yourself to release the heavy burden and pain of the debilitating emotions. There is no magic time frame for this process.

The key is to use mindful principles to assist in viewing the situation free of judgment in the present moment. Remember, all things must unfold in their own time and release the desire for immediate results or how you think things should be and a willingness to see things as they are.

Most importantly, lovingly and compassionately embrace yourself; you are enough just as you are. Our Divine right is to feel and experience happiness, healthiness, and wholeness.


Nancy Gentle Boudrie
Nancy Gentle Boudrie
For 35 years, Nancy has helped Business Owners and Corporations peak perform and create exponential success. Whether setting up safety programs in the transportation industry or creating multi-million-dollar independent insurance agencies, one of which was her own, Nancy has been assisting business professionals and organizations in creating seven-figure success. Most recently, for the last 15-plus years, Nancy found her true passion and purpose in coaching company leaders and employees to manage high levels of stress and navigate the unprecedented challenges facing today’s organizations. She uniquely blends her entrepreneurial business knowledge with her training in mindset skills such as Mindful Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Naropa University’s Mindful Leadership Training. Nancy teaches business professionals to be creative, innovative, and resilient during challenges to create a life of design, not one of default. Furthermore, she assists organizations in increasing morale, profitability and reducing workman’s comp claims and absenteeism by implementing programs that support employee engagement by improving mental and emotional mindset. Nancy’s passion for sharing her message, special talents, and unique gifts have also included hosting two successful Radio/Podcast shows as well as the releasement of a guided meditation CD, sold on iTunes, called Awaken With Light ~Welcome Inner Balance. Furthermore, she is considered a gifted expert in various energy modalities such as Usui Reiki as a Master/Teacher and Integrative Energy Therapy. Nancy loves giving back to her community and church. She is a volunteer for Penn Medicine, and Neighborhood Health as a reiki practitioner and grief counselor. She is also proud to serve as a reiki practitioner and mindset coach to women battling breast cancer through a nonprofit organization called Unite for Her.

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