You Are Belly Dance

If you don’t know anything about belly dance, don’t worry.  My desire in writing this is to share some context with you, to give you a deeper understanding of this ancient dance. To offer you a way to access its divine gifts and wisdom.  This art form: this Indigenous dance, is vast in its wisdom, its history, and its powers of healing and transformation.

Deep at the heart of this dance is one central theme; you.

As you tune into Mother Earth, the stars, the heavens, receive Her unconditional love.  Ground your bare feet into the sand or soil. Rooting yourself and feeling the pulse of the earth.

Now, feel Mother Earth sending Her loving energy up through the temple pillars of your thighs, illuminating your divine Root Chakra at the base of your pelvis. That sacred space of a soul’s first passage.

The vibrations continue upwards into your Sacral Chakra, the divine red-orange fiery exuberance of your innate sensuality.  You reconnect with your joy there because sensuality is joy and joy is sensuality.

Your hips shimmy and shake in an outward expression of divine power and strength.  You are a pro-creator who carries life and delivers life into the world.  You acknowledge and are grateful for that heavenly-human Goddess power.  You celebrate and illuminate it in a hundred different ways!

Your energy travels up into the drum of your belly: your femininity. This is where you birth life into your vivid yellow solar plexus, massaging your organs in rhythmic waves, and building your self-confidence.  You let go as the drumbeat of your belly leads you into a gentle trance, relaxing and sensitizing your whole body.  You are strengthening your feminine power while subconsciously releasing any deep-held anxieties so they can be integrated and healed.

Your belly beats turn into body waves, electrifying your energetic spine and letting sacred light energy cascade down your vertebra and out through your tailbone to ground with Mother Earth.

These undulating rhythms pulse into the divine breath of your heart, radiating vivid emerald green waves of exuberant joy.  You shimmy your shoulders and raise your rib cage to the heavens in shining gratitude, motherly love, and compassion.  You acknowledge the glory of you. The song of you. Your innate divinity.

Your soulful expression lights up your face with your stunning smile, your femininity, and your good feeling.  You are being you.  Unabashed, unashamed, and unleashed!

You feel the intense blue light energy of your throat chakra illuminating your voice with the sexy, motherly, all expressive alchemy of your divine feminine grace, yelling out the global gathering call of our ancient mothers, the Zagareet.

From this temple-of-you-sound-frequency-reverberating-life-force, your energy surges into your third eye’s shamanic power. The throne of your world-walking cosmic travel.  And finally, it shines out in indigo bands of waves into the golden light energy of the crown chakra connecting you wildly and consciously to your planetary homeland and the divine.

In this dance, you are one with all things.  You are Harmony.  You are Grace.  You are Whole.  You are Home.

As above, so below.

Belly Dance is your birthright.  Dance it!


Allison Kenny
Allison Kenny
Allison Kenny is the Founder of Activate Your Divine Feminine LLC dba Bellydance Meditation®, Renew Goddess Flows®, and The Shimmy Cure!®. She is also a Subject Matter Expert for The Yoga Alliance, the largest association representing the yoga community, with more than 100,000 Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT). Having taught and performed Bellydance for over 15 years, Allison created, Bellydance Meditation Simplified: A Yoga Teacher's Guide to Mastering Goddess Flows. The accredited course is 100% automated, providing 20 CEUs, and offers Yoga teachers a way to deepen their knowledge of balancing the 7 major chakras through divine feminine energy integration. Allison has seen the power of this ancient dance medicine (Belly Dance) heal women from the inside out. Allison's mission is to certify 1000 yoga teachers and 1000 belly dance teachers around the world so that they can collectively recover this knowledge and teach it in their unique style. In addition, Allison is a part of 360° Nation and writes for their publication BizCatalyst 360° because she believes in "community as communion," preserving our humanity and helping others to reconnect to themselves and one another. Allison can be reached at [email protected], and on Instagram: bellydancemeditation. She's happy to serve as a guest speaker live or virtually, or through podcasts and IG take-overs to get this message to as many people as possible.

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  1. Oh, I love this, Allison, and completely look forward to my first lesson this Monday!! I love to dance and have not yet learned how to belly dance. Based on this description, I believe I will find my way quite easily. Thank you for this wonderful essay and for bringing women home to themselves and their harmony, grace, and wholeness. So many women experience body shame rather than celebration. I’m so happy to have landed in celebration and now will be deepening this by learning belly dance! Yey!!

    • Thank you, Laura, for you heartfelt comments. It makes me so happy that I can provide a way for you to experience this dance to hold space for you to activate your divine feminine. I’m so excited to support you in learning and celebrating you!

  2. Allison, I found belly dance when I was at a very low point in my life, and seeking to reconnect with “who am I?” and it was transformational. I haven’t practiced in years, but you’ve inspired me! Thank you for putting this experience into such beautiful words!

    • Thank you, Sarah! I’m so happy that you found belly dance at that time in your life and that it helped you to reconnect with yourself. I think that’s the number one gift it gives!! Please see the link in my bio if you want more info, if that would support you. Thanks again for your comments and I encourage you to put on your favorite belly dance song today and just dance!

  3. Allison, I had was a cosmic experience just reading your article. I agree as I chose to exclusively use belly dance as exercise during my fifth pregnancy to relieve my intense hip and back pain. My friend Maha al Musa and founder of Embody Birth helped me use these techniques during my homebirth and I continued with the sixth child.

    Embodying our divine feminine is so very truly accessible. Thank you for sharing.

    • Thank you, Cordelia. This warmed my heart. I’m so glad you had a cosmic experience just reading this. I love that you found belly dance and she found you to support you through your 5th and 6th child. How glorious! If you’ve written anything about your experience, I’d love to read it. I would also love to connect with you and your friend if that’s possible. I founded Activate Your Divine Feminine: Bellydance Meditation and run an online community, virtual retreats, and even teacher trainings to help empower women through this dance and through activating their divine feminine. Thank you, again, for your thoughtful comments. 🙂