Yes, I Am A Diabetic

Vantage Points Header Joel ElvesonBEFORE MY NAME the letters Dr. do not appear. After my name the letters MD do not appear. That being said I am not going to offer any advice on diets, medications or anything related. Yet the fact remains I am a diabetic and will probably be a diabetic for the rest of my life. It was almost destiny for me to get diabetes as there were generic markers all over my family.

Like most people when they find out they are diabetic I did not accept the diagnosis. Part of the reason was at that time I was determined to be only “borderline diabetic.” Had it not been for the fact that I was hospitalized for a severe case of diverticulitis (a painful condition whereby pouches form in the wall of the colon) which led to numerous blood tests whereupon my diabetes was confirmed whereas had that not happened……….

For the diverticulitis I was given oral and intravenous anti-biotics. Upon discharge I was given a list of foods to avoid. There were no medications given to me or diets to follow for my diabetes. Needless to say I was not going to ask especially being the chocoholic that was and am to this day. In general I ate and eat much of what I should not with a frequency that is too frequent…….until now!

Despite the above my numbers in terms of my hgb a 1 c (average blood sugar levels for the past 2-3 months) is pretty good. This is due in no small part due to the fact that although I am a Type II Diabetic (non-insulin dependent) I still take three different types of insulin along with oral diabetes medication. I have been told that the more insulin I have to take the lower my life expectancy can be.

The problem that I had with diabetes early on was that I had no signs except for excessive thirst and frequent urination. Other than that everything seemed fine not that I would know since at that time I avoided going to any doctors. When I overruled myself by starting to go to the doctors as I was getting sick very easily it was then I learned things were not as I had thought they were.

Diabetes brings of wealth (if you want to call it that) of other problems to the point if you do not take care of yourself properly you can develop infections that require amputations. On top of that diabetes attacks your kidneys increasing your chances of kidney disease that can require dialysis or in the most serious cases a kidney transplant. There is also increased risk for heart attacks and strokes.

In the previous paragraph I made mention of other problems that can and often do develop. These are not related to anything physical. Depression is a common side effect that requires you to fight a different and even more difficult battle. The depression can lead to mood swings which are also related to your sugar. Depression in some people becomes too difficult to overcome so they wind up taking their lives.

You can look online for the many causes of diabetes along the various treatments options your doctor will weigh in deciding how to help you best manage your diabetes but the quality of your life depends on you. To that end I know what I have been doing wrong but I did little to change things. Now in the midst of a health care I’ve started changing my habits. When you get a scare you get scared so you hurriedly make adjustments in all aspects of your life.

While not wanting to come off as “preachy” I am appealing to anybody who thinks they may be diabetic or are already confirmed to have this disease to take care of yourself. Do not let your body fool you into thinking everything is fine when in fact it is not. Diabetes can kill you! Keep in mind those who are most precious to you as that alone should give you the strength you need to do what you have to do to keep living as normal and healthy life as possible.


Joel Elveson
Joel Elveson
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  1. Your real-life example of self-neglect brings home the point of appreciating the significance of family values and relationships, our thirst for TLC as well as the pressing need to care for those dependent upon us, Dear Joel Sir!

    I have always known you as a highly engaging messenger of goodness, and this generous sharing of the important realization adds a tremendous amount of glitter to your ‘take-it-from-me’ style of winning hearts.

    Thanks, with Warm Regards!

    • Bharat, your comments are always so gracious and touching. As far as the neglect goes it is not my desire to shorten my life span. Like those who smoke, drink, take drugs, or gamble I have my own bad vice. I have two beautiful step-grandchildren with whom love abounds between us even though we live thousands of miles apart. I will gladly help somebody if I can. I try to be a quiet inspiration to others with a non-confrontational/non-judgemental style.