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–World Class Publishing Alliance Issues Call For Submissions

Your Limited–Time Opportunity to Become a Published Author is Back

We are proud to collaborate once again with award-winning publisher Sacred Stories Publishing and internationally acclaimed author Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos as we reach out for submissions for the second book in the Sacred Stories of Transformation series.

In 2019, we launched Chaos to Clarity (the first book in this series) to great success! The book was quickly and positively received worldwide becoming a bestseller. Clearly, readers are looking for stories that inspire their own transformation. On the heels of our success, we are now compiling the second anthology in the series, to be launched in the Fall of 2020.

Our unique alliance provides a streamlined approach for authors to gain affordable access to the professional publishing marketplace. Participants will collaborate with a world-class publishing team which includes professional copy and content editing, masterful design, and worldwide distribution. Impactful promotional marketing strategies and support include collaboration with professional global media firms.

For this new and unique pathway for qualified participants to become published authors, we are seeking personal stories that embrace the positive aspects of Change.

Challenges and joy are the spice-of-life and when mixed together can create positive life transformations. They also create great stories! The writing of your story can be cathartic and freeing with the potential to inspire deep healing and resolution in yourself and others. It’s a win-win. Can it get any better than that? Yes! You have an opportunity to share your story and become a published author in a best-selling book series.

Why Contribute to an Anthology?

Anthologies are highly readable because the stories can be read in small doses. Whether you are a first-time or seasoned author, being part of an anthology gives you the recognition of being a published author without the stress and unknowns of doing it on your own, including:

  • Author Status. Being an author affords you instant credibility and adds to your credentials for future books. You can also leverage this to uncover new opportunities using it as your “calling card” if you are in business.
  • Less Effort and Expense on Your Part. Self-publishing, as well as traditionally publishing a full-length book, is quite an endeavor and can be quite costly. Contributing to an anthology enables you to focus on writing your best story.
  • You’re in Good Company. Your story will be included with those of other skilled writers and subject experts. Together, you will be creating a beautiful work that you can be proud of.
  • Collaborative Support. Since all anthology authors will likely be promoting the book to their own networks, this helps you become known in multiple new markets.

Here’s What You Receive


✅ Publication by a world-class, award-winning publisher with a track record of success.

✅ Inclusion in a best-selling book series.

✅ Professional editing of your submission, so your work shines.

✅ Your name, title, and website listed in the book, along with your author bio.

✅ You retain 100% copyright ownership of your material. Our contract is non-exclusive.

✅ Inclusion on and through booksellers worldwide.


✅ Support with marketing, promotion, and publicity as part of a national media campaign.

✅ Personalized press sheet and promo image.

✅ Interview and/or blog opportunities with our media partners and outlets.

✅ Invitations for additional opportunities for book promotions and personal publicity.

✅ Additional paid publicity for the book which also increases your reach as one of the authors.

✅ Opportunity to be seated as a Featured Contributor for BIZCATALYST 360°.

✅ Opportunities to be considered for other book projects presented to Sacred Stories.

Now Accepting Submissions (Deadline April 30th)

Much like Joseph Campbell’s classic hero/heroine’s journey, we would like you to share how a significant situation in your life impacted you emotionally, psychologically, physically and/or spiritually. Tell us how you began your journey or call to adventure, the trials and tests that showed up in the midst of it, and how you ultimately stepped beyond the threshold into a new life. While the depth of your transformation story will be inherent, we encourage you to write with a sense of buoyancy and hope. The tone should be cheerful and lively, even playful and satirical. It should convey how you found the “funny in the funk” and how the situation taught you to 1) not take life so seriously and 2) feel great joy.

Possible topics include:

– Experiencing an illness or loss
– Starting a new career, business, or retirement
– Becoming a parent or an empty nester
– Caring for a loved one who is elderly or sick
– Marriage, divorce, or dating
– Relocating mayhem
– Something else

Why Join Us?

You will be part of a world-class publishing team already in place which includes professional copy and content editing, masterful design, worldwide distribution, and impactful promotional strategies that include collaboration with Creative Muse Gina Mazza, and global media firms BIZCATALYST 360° and Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network. And, you will have 100% copyright ownership of your material. Our contract is non-exclusive.

What’s Your Cost/Risk?

There is no risk to submit your work, as payment is not required until after your submission is accepted and any questions you might have are answered.

☑️ Author Investment:  $899.* [Mention BIZCATALYST 360° within your submission email below and your price will be reduced to just $799.]

☑️  Your Name Included on Front Cover: An additional $400.**

*We’ve worked hard to make this opportunity affordable for anyone, and we feel very confident in its value. Your investment includes all publication and marketing costs.  **Limited spots for name on front cover.

I’m In – What’s Next?

Email your 1800–2200 word true, personal story, written in a first-person narrative (including a story title and 30-word biography) to to be considered.

Submission deadline is April 30, 2020. Send your story early for a better chance of being selected. Only a limited number of stories will be accepted.

Once received, reviewed, and if accepted, the publisher will contact you to discuss the next steps.  The services we provide are grounded in higher consciousness. We do not accept or support any works with erotica, gratuitous violence, or negative messages.

What Authors in Chaos to Clarity Say About Working With Us:

What a personally inspiring journey it was to become an author, supported by Sacred Stories Publishing! Being part of a collaborative book was not something I had ever considered and the book itself is a testament to what happens through collaboration – an enriching experience to be shared by all who contributed as well as all who read it.

–Jess Campmans

It was a great experience to be included in the Sacred Stories series. Kat and Patricia were extremely dedicated to the success of the book and their support and interest made sharing such private and personal experiences very meaningful. There were many opportunities to grow through the writing and media interviews. Overall, it was a very positive experience that I would highly recommend.

–Tamee Knox

Contributing to the book Chaos to Clarity opened my eyes to new interests and offered me great opportunities to share my story and my side work as a professional coach. It was wonderful to work with such an engaged team and it is an experience that I recommend to those who share the passion for writing or looking to help people all around the world.

–Sara Gouveia

Editor’s Note: Our participation in this game-changing collaborative project is solely for the benefit of our esteemed Contributors and global audience, as we receive no economic benefit whatsoever.

Dennis J. Pitocco
Dennis J. Pitocco
Dennis is the Founder, Publisher, and Editor-in-Chief of our award-winning life, culture, and business new media digest, With an emphasis on action, our amazing writers empower people to transcend from knowing what to do to actually doing it. We are fueled by extraordinary thought leadership authored by some of the best and brightest minds from around the world. Today and every day, we simply deliver the very best Insights, Intelligence & Inspiration available anywhere. Period. More ABOUT US. He is also Founder & Chief Encouragement Officer of GoodWorks 360°, our affiliated global nonprofit social impact enterprise, dedicated to providing mission-critical pro bono services to good nonprofits worldwide. Connect with him on Linkedin to learn more about his background. Dennis is a contributing author to the Best-Selling Book Chaos to Clarity: Sacred Stories of Transformational Change.
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