Would It Be Beneficial For Your Business To Hire Remote Interns?

Technology is evolving all the time. Over the years, digital devices are upgrading their features based on people’s constant change of needs. Recently, businesses are now opening new doors for their team’s way of expansion and recruitment.

Companies used to build plenty of offices and workspaces for their employees and interns. With technology making everything more convenient now, remote internship has become possible. Remote internships can have a significant impact on how your business operates.

This article will discuss how remote internship impacts business operations and how it benefits your business.

Defining Remote Internship

A remote internship, also known as a virtual internship, is when an intern works outside of the office. They’re becoming popular in today’s increasingly flexible workplace. Hiring remote interns has various advantages, in terms of choosing the best-suited employee for a business and of maximizing resources.

Internships of this sort are made possible due to broader access to the Internet. As long as you have your laptop or computer and stable Internet, you can do the assigned job.

Remote internship is beneficial as it increases productivity and cognitive diversity, while reducing company expense. Companies normally save on overhead expenses like electricity and space when there are fewer people to house in an office.

Benefits of Hiring Remote Interns

Balancing the pros and cons of remote internships is subjective. However, online internship programs are absolutely just as effective as on-site internships. An employee’s ability to successfully manage himself is a talent, and that’s what most companies look for when hiring interns.

 Remote internships still offer the same opportunities as opposed to office-based internships, but with different cultures and expectations. For instance, a remote intern learns just as much as those based in an office, but without exposure to other employees.

Overall, remote internships do not restrain your company’s ability to increase sales and productions without spending any money. Now, here are the benefits of having remote interns:

  • Expanded recruitment pool

Hiring interns to work remotely means that you’ll have a broader talent pool. You can have an endless choice of candidates to choose from. Hence, you’re not only limited to choosing interns who live nearby. Moreover, you can find more suitable talents around the globe who has the set of skills you seek. You could find the best candidate from a country miles away. Your pool could also include students who cannot work during the day because of school yet can do so at night or when not in school.

This particular benefit would really make a difference to your business. Some companies require specific technical knowledge to design, manage, and sell websites. The accessibility to such a vast market of technologically-advanced individuals can present your business with significant and potential growth.

  • Increased Productivity

A virtual internship will make it easier for small businesses to utilize their time and skills based on per-project data. This setup is a significant advantage, especially to small companies that cannot support full-time interns.

This saves so much excessive time, as interns can complete tasks for that day and check-out once the project is over. You can assign tasks to them to complete within a given time-frame or deadline. This means that employers are not paying for interns to come in, but rather maximizing the both time and expenses.

With high-speed Wi-Fi technologies, communication between the office and the remote intern is now swift and efficient. You can communicate with an intern anytime, regardless of your distance.

  • Save workspace and equipment

You don’t have to allot additional workspace for remote interns as they don’t need to be physically present in your office. You can expand your office’s capacity without spending the costs of modifying the office’s size or make-up. Furthermore, like other remote employees, virtual interns must have their own computer and a reliable Internet connection, essential office equipment, and standard supplies.

Working from home allows interns to save on a lot of expenses. The reduced cost of commute would significantly improve his morale and productivity, contributing to your profit.

  • Intercultural exposure and competence

Hiring skillful interns from different countries and cultures will increase your business’ intercultural exposure and competence. Increasing diversity will improve your company’s overall performance across the board. For instance, you have two interns from different cultures working on the same project. Their different approach to work may generally be useful and creative for you.

With a diversified workforce, your company will be more flexible, adapting to any challenge the business may face. Skill sets and levels could also vary, but still to your benefit. For instance, you could have interns from a country whose people are known for working extra hard. You’d know then whom to tap when you need people to put in extra time.

  • Environment-Friendly

Because your interns are working remotely, your company’s carbon footprints will change too. Even the environment is affected by the benefits of remote internships. Having interns to work from home, your company’s production will still be the same while you’re considering environmental sustainability.

Traveling by cars or planes is one of the largest contributors to increasing carbon emissions and collective carbon footprint. Moreover, many cities’ daily commutes can cause thick, dangerous pollution that lessens air quality and increases respiratory and other health problems.

While reduced business travel is cost-effective for companies and employees, it’s also more environment-friendly.


Some companies would inevitably hear about the possible setbacks to having virtual interns, causing them to remove it from their options. However, the success of remote internship is determined by the business’ eagerness and determination to support its virtual staff. The best way to manage virtual interns is by assuring them that there is sufficient support open for them, available communication, and tracked progress.

Once carried out efficiently, virtual internship can increase your workforce and your productivity while costing your company a little less.

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