Worried About Your Site’s Ranking?

Ranking in the top results for your business’ keywords is a necessity for online success. According to a new study, the first page of results in Google receives 95 percent of today’s web traffic. However, the second page of results and beyond only receives a total of 5 percent. If you think about it, your business’ ranking could make or break your business if you don’t have any other marketing in place.

In addition, what would it be like for your business to rank on the first page every time your top keywords were Googled? That’s why it’s so important to stop worrying about your site ranking and get a plan of action. Whether you look at ways to improve such as link building with PureLinq or you completely change your SEO, it’s time to do something different if you want to get on the first page.

Understand Google’s Algorithm

You may think that you know all about the algorithm and the “ranking signals” that Google uses to push certain results to the top. However, long-term success means that you are constantly following the latest trends and updates, which now happen on the fly at Google headquarters. In fact, algorithms can change based on search trends. It was reported in 2018 that there were 500 to 600 changes to the algorithm per year.

For those in search engine marketing, Google’s algorithm is a constant point of contention. It’s difficult to see what helps a restaurant the most, but it’s clear that links, influencers, mentions, and social media play a huge role in what Google decides to show users on the first page.

Track and Measure Your Ranking Using the Right Tools

If you haven’t ever performed an SEO audit with a backlink profile, you should do this immediately. You may not know if there are poor links in your search history or if your rank has suffered because of a penalty in Google Webmaster Tools. You can use tools to help with these reports, which will give you a plan to develop better SEO content with the right keywords and backlinks.

Speaking of Backlinks: How Do You Get More?

It’s clear that links still rack up ranking signals better than most other tactics. There are plenty of ways to contact influencers and get your products out there, but you want to make sure that you are constantly getting high-quality backlinks from sites that have domain authority and a high page rank as well. One way to do this is through a professional service like PureLinq. You can create an SEO audit, look at your current backlink profile, set your goals for backlinks, and allow a professional team to set up safe backlinks to your site that will help you increase your rank. It’s easy and effective, especially since it’s difficult to get backlinks without a team working for you.

Write New and Authoritative Content Constantly

It’s time that you start putting effort into your content. The same old stuff from five years ago isn’t going to cut it. You need to create a blog and put your brand out there as an authority in an industry. Once you do, you can share it with others on social media and get more influencers to naturally share and link back to your content as well.

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