Work With What Remains

All around us, every day, we see it; we hear it; and we feel it. It’s at work. It’s at home. It’s at our places of worship. It’s all around, and even within, our relationships. What is “It?”

“It” represents the really tough life challenges each of us face. These are the kind of challenges that result in all manner of utter disappointments, emotional devastations, mental assaults, and life losses. Yes, the circumstances surely vary; the story details are different; and the effects have different root causes. However, we are all impacted by tough life challenges and we are from all walks of life.

Nevertheless, at the ending of tough life challenges each of us ultimately holds similar outcomes in our hands: What Remains.

When the Dust Settles

When the dust of tough life challenges begins to settle from the utter disappointments, the emotional devastations, the mental assaults, and the life losses – how do we begin to work with what remains?

  • Where do we find the encouragement that overcomes utter disappointments to begin looking at what remains?
  • How do we pull ourselves up from emotional devastations to clearly assess what remains?
  • What do we say to combat the mental assaults that lie to us about what remains?
  • Who is able to help fill the horrible holes left behind by life losses, especially when we believe that nothing remains?

Work with what is Known

To be certain, there is not one answer that satisfies the many life questions about what remains! However, there are some life principles of truth that we know have a history of bringing wisdom to life situations. Altogether, this brand of wisdom has existed and has been passed down to us through eons of time. Therefore, we can count upon its accuracy in surveying what remains.

Here are a few wisdom truths about working with what remains:

  1. We can take comfort in knowing we are not alone. Others have endured similar experiences and many have overcome. We might genuinely believe our situation is different, but we can find strength to move forward if we do it together!
  2. Remember that we are stronger than we believe we are in the moment. Each of us have overcome tough life challenges and made it to this season of life. There is much more to accomplish and to contribute. It might not feel like much, but we can do it together!
  3. A balanced perspective is our friend. Neither the “Valley of Oh-No!”, nor the “Heroic Mountain of Denial” will serve us well. We might not have much of a choice in many of the circumstances, but we can choose our attitude and point of view in the matter. We can even do it together, if we choose to!
  4. Surveying the lay of our land and determining our resources is a good restarting point. We can ask ourselves, “Who, What, and Where?” Then, we can begin asking, acting, and acquiring the resources we need to begin again. We might not see all of the resources we need today, but we can create much from just a little resource seed if we join our efforts. We can rebuild and heal together, if we choose to!
  5. Because we still have fresh breath in our lungs and circulating blood in our veins, our lives have great purpose. They are not over, even if we decide to lay down and rest awhile. We can even choose to rest together!
  6. Above all, we can choose to believe that nothing in this life is ever wasted by the Creator of our purposes and destinies. We are here for special reasons and our futures await each step we take today. We may feel as though there is not much ground to step forward upon, but we can take a few steps together to begin again!

Restarting with What Remains

Through it all, choosing to work with what remains will generally lead to a few “Aha Moments” of realizing that all things actually do work together for the good of those who love their Creator. Knowing and believing that we have a Creator takes a lot of pressure off of our minds, hearts, and circumstances. We are not alone.

Realizing that even though flesh and blood is seemingly contributing and causing a lot of hell, Wisdom tells us that we wrestle not with flesh and blood. In truth, what we wrestle with is the powers of darkness that war with others over power, authority, and self-will. Applying this life principle of truth helps us to get our focus off of flesh and blood and begin focusing on our Creator. Then, we are better able to tap into the greatest Resource for working with what remains.

With our focus and perspective in the correct place, we can choose to live with the passion of purpose and the determination of destiny. Then, these passions and determinations become a set-up for maximizing every other resource available – even when we are working with all that remains.

For truly, history and wisdom speaks loudly to the heroic efforts and successes of the few who have boldly chosen unity, accomplishing, contributing, balanced perspective, utilization of resources, and believing in purpose and destiny – even as they worked with what remained.

In the end of it all, what remains in the ashes of disappointments, devastations, assaults, and losses has the great potential to rebuild lives and kingdoms. It always has, but few ever begin the process of sifting through the ashes. Will we choose to be among the few who experience the wonder of the Creator’s promise of how beauty can come forth from the heap of life’s ashes?


Devaney Rae
Devaney Rae
Devaney’s professional background includes professional Business Development, Leadership, and Life on Purpose Coaching, along with Instructional Design Technology consulting for Training & Presentation Design. Devaney also provides professional consulting within Organizational/ Performance Management for business owners and decision-makers. Devaney also established Life On Purpose with Devaney Rae in early 2018 as a way to connect with others who want to Get From Where You Are Now To Where You Want to Be. This effort connects people with professional coaching and a variety of resources to establish business growth that includes learning to create and manage multiple streams of income. Devaney works one-on-one and in small groups with people to create their own Life Purpose Plan and to develop the correct Business Strategy for Growth. Then, she helps them bring the plan to life so each one can step into their ownMORE! She has enjoyed a successful career in Healthcare Administration, Chemical Manufacturing, Retail Sales, Marketing, and within the Non-Profit Business sectors. Devaney earned her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Walden University and her Master’s degree in Instructional Design Technology for Professional Trainers from New York Institute of Technology. She also earned a degree in Dental Hygiene with license to practice in Texas and Louisiana. Devaney is a published author of the book, Countless Joys: The Place Beyond Tears (Westbow Press, 2015). The content is her story about how ordinary people are called to do “the extraordinary” in life. She has a passion for impacting others with life-giving hope, joy, and peace. Devaney established a non-profit organization, Countless Joys, Inc. in 2015. The mission of Countless Joys, Inc. is to Touch the Lives of Others with Joy. The specific focus is on Interrupting Human Trafficking of children and teenagers. Altogether, giving back to others is Devaney’s personal life mission and joy. Devaney makes her home in Franklin, Tennessee.

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  1. Thank you for reminding us that it’s not over till it’s over. There is always something we can do to take remnants and created something from it. It’s called being thankful for what we have and be thankful even for things we don’t have. Purpose and passion keep us going.

  2. All excellent points. However, we have to be aware of one thing. When we are eroded away we really need to rely on to other people to support us. We must also be rational with which people we rely on. When we are vulnerable, we are targets for predators.

    • Thank you, Chris, for your comments and the excellent point about vulnerability! So true. I appreciate you taking the time to read and engage. 🙂 Devaney

    • So true, Chris. We were made for relationship and no matter how introverted we are, we still need people to lean on and encourage us along the way – just as we support and encourage them.

  3. Devaney I love this. What remains is another opportunity, a new path free of distractions, free from the obstacles and clutter of the storms of life. For me I would love the challenge. In life we start with nothing and we inherently know how to start with what remains. Sometimes what remains is also the cherished things that inspired us to start on the journey the first time. Enjoyed your article. Thank you for sharing

    • Thank you, Larry, for the fresh perspective you remind all of us about in your comments. I really appreciate your thoughts and you taking the time to read the article. 🙂 Devaney