Work Place Safety – You Can’t Put a Price on a Life

That might sound dramatic, but building sites are some of the most dangerous working conditions, and that is compounded depending on the work that is taking place. Workplace safety is paramount, and that goes for new contracting firms and old hands. It cannot be taken for granted.

A safe atmosphere allows staff to get on with the tasks at hand and not worry about their safety.

The duty of this care falls to their company and the site they are on.

Here are tips management can take to keep their staff safe at all times.


It is essential that when you hire contractors from directional drilling contractor services to joist and decking fitters, they all have the same standard as you. You need to make sure that they adhere to all of the onsite safety protocols where possible, get verbal recommendations before making any commitments.


When you are the manager, a lot falls to you. You need to be aware of lazy employees, latecomers, people who only do half a job. And the difference between those who act unsafe and those who genuinely are unsafe.

Your observation skills are second to none. Paying attention, your awareness is a critical differentiator in accidents that do happen and near-misses.


Stress levels within the work environment can often lead to accidents and mishaps. Life stress can seep into work time, and although there might be anything you can directly do to help – it is always worth the conversation.

Stress levels that are compounded over time can cause significant issues with concentration and lead to horrific mistakes.

Ensuring that workloads are manageable, the pay is fair, and understanding how the working conditions are can reduce any work stress.


Before any work is undertaken, it should be made clear the policy and process for an evacuation. Ensure that all of the exits and safe places are understood by all workers and indeed the new ones on site.

The exits should be accessible by all members of staff no matter where they are. There should be no obstructions, and all exits should be clearly signposted.


Using the right tools makes one of the most significant differences in the office, building site, and kitchen. It cannot be underestimated the impact that high-quality tools can make. High-quality tools are made to last longer, with more robust materials and reliability.

Not only do essential tools make a difference, but so do the tools you have in terms of safety procedures and protocols. Training and guidebooks can ensure that your whole team, including trainees, are all on the same page.

And finally, make sure that your staff has somewhere to eat and get water – or at the very least a decent break in the day. Working non-stop for many hours almost guarantees that there will be some sort of accident as our concentration and focus aren’t as intense as the hours go by.

Managing people means that you are accountable for their safety at all times, and making it a priority is essential.

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