Have you ever wondered that our family acts as a team? A team that has a collective set of goals, values, purpose, and a bond that travels deep.

An organization or a team holds ideals, objectives to be met over a period of time, a purpose, and a camaraderie. Now, both have their own lean times such as bickering, conflict, mistakes, over-committing, and under-delivery, not meeting timelines, and the like.

When we look at it from a wide lens, we can better understand the nuances and do what could serve us all the best. If one in the family isn’t well, don’t we take on their part of the responsibility, check on them and keep the boat sailing? What do we do when we have differences of opinion at home? Don’t we talk it out, express emotions, and settle things, all while looking at the bigger picture?

Perhaps, it is a good thing to do similar stuff on the professional side, isn’t it? Expressing the humane side of ourselves at the workplace is the need of the hour.

Similarly, when we as a family fail to manage our time, we could use management principles to help each other balance tasks, use optimum resources and create an accountability so that we all grow together and meet our collective goals and purpose.

I see a great opportunity in looking at a human as a human – Be it at the workplace or at home. The person remains the same as an individual, isn’t it?

Things always happen the way they should and always for the greater good.

I believe a holistic method, keen thinking, expressing feelings and a human-centered approach can create wonders both at the office and at home.