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I recently shared with someone that this year is my 20th year anniversary in the Telecom Industry. 20 years! I can’t believe it, and hopefully, after you look at my profile picture again, you can’t either! In any case, they feel way more. Not only because unfortunately, the industry is not what it used to be (and that is the subject of another article in and of itself!), but also, because, for those of you that don’t know, I was basically born into telecom.

Giuseppa Cannizzo visiting a Telecom construction site while pregnant with Leticia Latino – 1973

If you think I am exaggerating, take a look at the evidence above. That’s my mom in the picture, pregnant with me, visiting a Telecom Site being built (checking on the tower foundation to be more specific). Back in the day, those were my family’s road trips. My dad would take everybody to a construction site during the weekend… SO, in honor of my “industry Anniversary”, I wanted to share with you a few facts about Neptuno, and some of the wisdom my dad, who is 83 and pretty much still involved in daily company operations, has shared with me along the way:

  • My father founded it in 1972, after having left Italy for a better future in Venezuela. He had no University Diploma whatsoever. I am still baffled at how he went into such a technical field without being a civil engineer and succeeded. His words of Wisdom: Surround yourself with the BEST people. When you don’t know, find someone that does and hire them.

  • When faced with the opportunity to grow bigger and faster through partnerships, he always hesitated. His words of wisdom: One partner is too little, and two too many.

  • In almost 5 decades, Neptuno has supplied and installed towers in over 15 countries and is certified by all the major Operators and Infrastructure Vendors. His word of Wisdom: Under-promise, over-deliver.

  • Currently led by the new generation, Neptuno is standing out as an innovator, playing a key role in building Network Resiliency through 3D Mapping and being an active member of the Smart City National Task Force. His words of Wisdom: Periodic reinvention is key for survival.

  • As a young girl, I swore never to work for the family business. I wanted to be respected on my own account. After years of working for Merrill Lynch and Nortel Networks, I took a Lay-Off experience as the opportunity to change my mind. My words of Wisdom: Nothing is more rewarding than working hard to contribute to your family legacy, or to your own.

Are you up to sharing your words of wisdom in the comments?

Author’s Note: This was written in February 2018


Leticia Latino
Leticia Latino
With over 20 years of experience in the Telecom Industry Leticia Latino went from working for Merrill Lynch and Telecom Giant Nortel Networks to accepting the challenge of extending the legacy of establishing her family business in the US back in 2002. Neptuno Group was originally founded by her father in 1972 in South America where they helped deploy some of the first Cellular Networks in the region and where they have built over 10,000 Towers. Leticia is a recipient of the Women in IoT award by Connected Magazine, Revolutionary CEOs by Aspioneer, and one of the 30 most influential Leaders in Tech by Insight Success. She currently serves as a full member of the Federal Communications Commission’s Broadband Development Advisory Committee (BDAC) and as the Chair of the Job Skills and Training Working Group. ​In addition, Leticia is a published author and a contributor in a broad variety of blogs, and her book “Women in Business Leading the Way” became an Amazon #1 Best Seller. She’s also a public speaker, mentor to young women, and a big advocate of nurturing “Human Connections” through her Back2Basics Podcast.

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  1. Dear Leticia,

    First of all, welcome to the Bizcatalyst360 platform. You are in good company!

    Your article I find energising in as much that you have been loyal to your parents’ business and livelihood but have ultimately paved your own way to success and recognition. Yes the telco industry is not the same as it was a year ago, let alone further back! Your Dad is a fine example of a person where retirement even if feasible is not on the wish-list.

    I really do look forward to exchanging ideas and views on a range of topics.
    As for wisdom, I believe it encompasses a combination of following the heart and a proactive willingness to take new ideas and concepts on board. There may be an hereditary link, but essentially wisdom is learning and listening to others and sifting those elements which will add to your ability to project wisdom and empathize with those would wish to learn. Wisdom is something you create through motivation and also interaction with people you may think are ‘wiser than yourself’. Ultimately wisdom is an asset you carry around yourself and when materialized, is visibly and intellectually apparent to others. Wisdom can mean power, but power is not always wise; depending who and how it is used. Good vibes, following tge heart, and applying a wise platform so naturally it becomes a subliminal asset for the benefit of yourself and others. Brilliant article, Leticia.