Words Allow Your Dreams to Come True

One of the things that I love about holidays is that it’s my time to read fiction. A while back in Tuscany, I read two and a half books and really indulged my love of fantasy and I feel more alive as a result of it. It’s not because I gave myself permission to relax, I believe it’s because of the power of words.  They can cast a spell because they hold energy.

It’s one of the many reasons why I continue to write my newsletter in that my aim is always to inspire you. That’s not as far-fetched as it may sound because a belief is merely a thought that you have had multiple times.  If you really work with that idea you can sense the magic it holds. It means if there are any aspects of your life that are not working for you then you can change them by creating a new story. Let me give you an example:

If you are self-employed you will know that there are times when money flows and other times when it’s as if the tap has been turned off and that can be unnerving to live with. What often happens is that you contract energetically; start spending less; perhaps even cut back on your spend in the hope that the flow will come back.  Perhaps you find yourself commenting on how expensive things are. Note that the word ‘expensive’ means you’re divorced from your ability to think as it literally means out of thought.

Whilst that may seem a sensible response, it really isn’t.  If you examine the feelings beneath the contraction there’s often a sense of fear or scarcity present so inadvertently the person responding in that way is reducing the possibility for more money to come in. What is being asked of us is to place our trust in the universal flow by being counterintuitive and giving away some of our remaining money. I invite you to play with this idea yourself and see what happens.

Let’s return back to the power of words. When we take our time and our intentional in our speech then we can start to alter our reality and that of those around us. All it takes is a little tweak.  For example, if you catch yourself using the word impossible, change it to I’m possible.  Why not spend the next week monitoring the words you use in both your internal dialogue and with those around you and see if you can create some of those shifts for yourself. 

And if you are looking for further inspiration then I invite you to read a truly magical book The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. It is pure gold. And the clue to how to change your relationship with money or anything in life can be found in the following quotation from the book:

Because everything requires energy. We must put effort and energy into anything we wish to change.

–Erin Morgenstern

So why not take up my challenge over the next week and notice what miraculous things start to happen around you. And if that doesn’t appeal then why not give the following suggestion a go.

And here’s the most wondrous miracle of all, you will rarely ever know the full impact of your words on another. One of the increasingly lost arts in this digital age is the tradition of story telling. It wasn’t so long ago that we had a tradition of oral history.  I invite you to play with that craft and start sharing stories of with those in your circle.  A theme for me this week was a reminder of the joy I get from giving to others whether they are aware of it and appreciate it or not. And the reason I do is illustrated in the following quotation from the Night Circus:

“You may tell a tale that takes up residence in someone’s soul, becomes their blood and self and purpose. That tale will move them and drive them and who knows what they might do because of it, because of your words. That is your role, your gift.”

If you would like some more magic and mystery and to deepen your own source of creativity then come to my forthcoming day on colour in the Autumn. I can promise you will find it illuminating and leave with greater clarity around your own life. I have been guided to focus the day on looking at our relationship with money. 


Kate Griffiths
Kate Griffiths
Some call me the coaches' coach. I work with visionary leaders doing world work who are really good at what they do but haven't found their sweet spot yet. I help them unlock their whole selves by learning to build their intuitive muscle and so create more meaning. Ultimately this enables them to move into expanded awareness and the realms of higher consciousness. This is deep work because it requires you to embrace your shadow so you can discover the gold that is hiding there. You have both masculine and feminine energies within you but somewhere along the way you learnt to rely more on one more than the other making you either more of a "prover" or a "pleaser" Working with me you learn to access both energies so you can increase your presence and enjoy greater influence and visibility. Since 2008 I have pioneered an approach that integrates spirituality and business using Colour by blending the esoteric and the practical. I have found that it can transform every aspect of your life and enable you to develop the tools you need to ride the waves of adversity, you will experience in life. If you want to understand how colour can help then why not read my book Colourful Boardrooms. At the very least it will help you discover what type of leader you are. In 2018 I realised that I wanted to help change the story for the leaders of tomorrow so I set up Colourful Classrooms, a social enterprise, and have gone into schools and communities with programmes to support teachers, parents, and students to have better emotional health and wellbeing by building their awareness around what makes them feel more resilient. In terms of where I hang out:I tend to hang out on LinkedIn, so do connect with me there if you want to continue the conversation. And at the moment I am trialling a new social media platform MeWe which has the feel of the "village green" and to show my support for the stop hate campaign. If you like videos then do subscribe to my YouTube channel.

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