Women, Weed & Wealth

–Should women invest in the cannabis industry?

Investing in cannabis will be educational, risky, and exciting.  It’s a dynamic, fast-moving business environment that women should consider for their investment portfolio.  Women should also review the possibilities of starting a cannabis-related business.

Concerned about investing in an illegal weed?

Ladies don’t be afraid of today’s fastest-growing industry; the plant has been around for centuries.  There is no global consensus on what to call or how to define the plant that carries a negative stigma today.  The most popular definition that has caused the stigma was created by the USDA, which classifies cannabis as a plant down to Genus Cannabis L—hemp. Then down one level to species—Cannabis sativa L.—marijuana.  Define it and call it what you want; it grows like a weed and makes money.  Don’t let the stigma deter you.

Let’s look at some of the investment ideas in the cannabis industry.


There are three avenues to consider for investment into the cannabis world that doesn’t require a lot of effort, just money.

Stock Market – Call your financial advisor and work out a plan for the firm to invest in cannabis stocks.

Entrepreneurs – If you have extra cash lying around and find cannabis interesting, find an entrepreneur.  It will not be hard to find entrepreneurs who are looking to start or expand their business.  Review industry magazines, attend conferences and ask local cannabis businesses for information.

Investment firms – Professionals are getting involved in the market that includes the following:

Angel investing networks

Private equity investment firms

Global venture capital funds

Global private equity firms

If you don’t already have a connection with an investment firm, one of the best resources to review is the online magazine New Cannabis Ventures.


Women’s second option is to become entrepreneurs.

Growing and/or Selling Marijuana

The upfront investment for starting a business growing and/or selling cannabis are different between countries.  Focusing on the U.S. market, the investment cost varies by state for entrance into the growing and selling sides of the business.   How much are start-up costs?

Let’s review three different states Pennsylvania, Nebraska, and Oklahoma. A state that has officially taken many women out of the cannabis market is Pennsylvania.  According to the state’s website, it requires an estimated $450,000+ in cash to apply for a Medical Marijuana License to sell. However, there are two states that have structured a system to allow many women the opportunity to enter the cannabis industry, Oklahoma and Nebraska. Nebraska’s website states that it charges a $25,000 application fee and an annual fee not to go above $40,000. Additional costs associated with the process would be for facilities, products, and other business expenses. Oklahoma’s website information states it charges a $2,500 application fee and, if approved, additional costs would include the building, products, compliance issues, and other business supplies.  If unable to join the growing or selling part of the industry in your state due start-up cost, other ideas exist.

Alternative Businesses

There are alternative business concepts that complement the growers and sellers that can still be easily created. The creation of marketing firms, employment agencies, cookbooks, and e-commerce businesses focused on cannabis are a few examples of business areas that are thriving.  The industry is wide-open for creative ideas!

Cannabis Investment Risks

Women that are thinking about investing their hard-earned cash must understand that the global cannabis business environment is extremely risky because of the uncertainties; it’s like no other business environment that we are currently experiencing. Anything could change at any second, and investors and entrepreneurs could experience bankruptcy, slow-growth, or enormous wealth.

What could disrupt the current cannabis business environment?

  • Global expansion
  • Uncertainty in an emerging market
  • Changing business models
  • State-specific laws
  • Federal laws
  • International laws
  • The Black Market
  • Shrinking margins

Ready to invest?

The international cannabis market is now worth billions of dollars and is expected to reach trillions in sales within ten years according to Todd Harrison, CIO, and co-founder of CB1 Capital. Understanding the cannabis plant, business models, areas of investment, and risks allow women investors and entrepreneurs to evaluate the choices to help decide if investing in cannabis is a pass or a great idea!

Dr. Jacqueline B. Lang
Dr. Jacqueline B. Lang
Dr. Jacqueline Lang MBA, MPA, MSED is a beacon of inspiration, embodying the rare blend of academics, professional excellence, and personal warmth. A devoted mother, trusted friend, and mentor, she navigates with grace and poise. Her experiences include being an International Syndicated Columnist, Researcher of Women's Issues, and Author. Along with 25+ years of leadership experience in various industries within Fortune 50, 500, 1000, and private organizations across the U.S., Her other experiences include being a Business Professor, U.S. Congressional Campaign Manager, and U.S. Army Reservist. She is also the President/Founder, EVOLVEzone.org, a non-profit to empower women.

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