Without These 5 Critical Components, Scaling Your App Will Never Be Easy

Today, having a mobile application for business isn’t a choice, instead, it has become a need of an era. Today mobile applications have become a prominent player in growing your business. According to the report of statista, 61.2% of the globally mobile population accessed the internet using their smartphone in the year 2018.

Source: statista.com

The same source reveals that the mobile app download in 2018 has grown to 205.4 billion from 178.1 billion in 2017 and is predicted to rise to 258.2 billion app downloads by 2022. Along with the significant increase in the number of downloads, the average time by users has increased consistently year by year.

An unconfined market space

To leverage from one of the most lucrative and rapidly growing assets for improving customer experience and brand affinity, you need to take quick action to make the most out of it. The top brands are quick to analyse and understand the benefits of a mobile app for business. While users get ease and mobility, brands get a broader market to lure their target audience. However, with its growing adoption, the competition and user expectations too grew at an unprecedented rate. Today, simply having a mobile application isn’t sufficient, you need to ensure putting an innovative approach, which can empower your mobile application to bridge the gap between present and future of the mobile app industry.

How to fill the gap

It’s a three step process;

  • Explore: Learn about your current market and target audience. Explore the current offerings and try to find the gap. This can be done by conducting a survey, interacting with your target audience, or by being a user by self.
  • Understand: Once you find the gap, you need to understand the core concern and find the ways to bridge it. This step is the most crucial, as here you need to find the solution and innovative and intriguing ways to use technology.
  • Implement: Now that you’ve found the blank spot and did sufficient research and analysis to find a solution. It’s time to implement it.

Sounds simple!! Ain’t it? Well, while it may seem to be three simple steps, at the backend you really need to work smartly. The key here lies in being innovative and creative, without compromising with the overall user experience.

Wondering how to scale start-up your mobile application?

Let’s have a look at the five critical components that can help you scale your mobile application. They are:

  • Intrigue with Design:

What makes mobile applications so loveable? It is the speed and ease of access. Having said this, speed is one of the most crucial and basic requirements of mobile apps. Its efficiency in iterating and rapidly delivering application functionalities serves as a major component. A major obstruction here could be the traditional app architecture. In such mobile applications, all of the app code is bundled together into a single monolithic executable.

Though this simplifies deployment, in case of any change in code, you’ll have to rebuild the complete executable from scratch. Eventually, it’ll require testing and integration of codes from the developers or the entire team that was part of the development process. Having said this, while designing your mobile application, instead of going for an initial simpler way, you need to follow modern modus operandi while planning the user app journey.

  • The Database is Precious:

To give the framework a chance to develop easily, you need to deal with the database. Picking an appropriate DB motor and planning most ideal construction you’re ready to deal with expanding exchanges every second effectively. Data is the most crucial aspect of growing in the digital world. It is important for you to handle and manage your data in the most effective manner. It has been often noticed that brands fail to secure and preserve the app database, eventually making the data security prone to the threat.

  • Simplicity at its Best:

Mobile applications are recognized to serve ease. They are purposely arranged in nature and are utilized to clean up procedures. Having said this, considering mobile applications, toning them down would be best. Clients want effectiveness, it is vital to make your center activity second nature and simple to copy. An application that isn’t anything but difficult to utilize will regularly result in clients relinquishing it.

Furnishing your customers with a way to pursue and an activity to rehash will help attain scalability. Build up a helpful UI with basic route dependent on structure rules. Whatever the usefulness, the more straightforward it’s conveyed, the better and increasingly fruitful your application will be. Eventually, the application must be easy to understand, simple to explore whilst being outwardly engaging. In the event that clients must invest a great deal of energy figuring out how to utilize your application before they draw an incentive from it, they will regularly be lost. In the event that your application grasps effortlessness, clients will have no motivation to go searching for a comparable contender application.

  • Crafting User Experience:

The best applications for the most part just complete a certain something, yet they do it great. Basic, centered applications function admirably on the grounds that clients don’t need superfluous highlights jumbling their experience. Applications created with a particular center can augment assets to immaculately convey the one thing your clients need most.

It begins with distinguishing and understanding what esteem your application brings to the table, making a center activity, and making it sufficiently convincing to finish and rehash.

The best applications are the ones that play out their motivation better or uniquely in contrast to the challenge. On the off chance that clients require more highlights, these can be added to the application as updates in later forms. This system enables you to reveal an extraordinary application quicker and exhibits that you are committed to persistently improving your application.

  • Usability Testing:

Testing your start-up app with your ideal customer based previously dispatch is crucial. The target audience probably won’t utilize your app in a similar way you proposed. Thus, it is basic to experience end-user testing so as to see precisely how the target audience is using your application.

Amid a later phase of improvement, you can share your application with a bigger gathering of customers for testing. Picking up a profound comprehension of your clients’ needs, the setting of utilizing the application, and the agony focuses, is critical to building up an effective application. Get-together these bits of knowledge can likewise help guarantee you have the best UI for your application.


These were some of the basic yet crucial components that play a vital role in scaling your mobile application. Having said this, to ensure the growth of your mobile application and lure your target audience with intriguing experience, it is important to have the entire mobile app development process accomplished by utmost precision.

Dhaval Sarvaiyahttps://www.intelivita.co.uk
I am Dhaval Sarvaiya, one of the founders of Intelivita, an enterprise web and mobile app development company based in UK and India. I help Enterprises and Startups overcome their Digital Transformation and Mobility challenges with the might of on-demand solutions powered by cutting-edge technologies such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, IoT, and Native Mobile Apps.




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