Wisdom from a Horse

As we continue on our journey into new perspectives on everything around us,  I want to introduce you to this marvelous horse! His name is Agazander, after an ancient Greek sculptor who created magnificent horses.

We had been looking for another horse for a while; when we first met Zander my husband knew within 5 minutes “that’s the one.”  “How do you know?” I asked.  “I just know.” he retorted.  I had to visit this horse 2 more times, but then I knew too, and so he came to join us.

Zander has shown himself to be a horse extraordinaire. That is why I want you to meet him too; everyone who encounters this horse senses he is a king, there is something regal about him. His demeanor definitely grabs your attention.  But there’s more to it than that.  Remember in my previous blog where we talked about unusual rock formations that stand out and grab our attention, in the same way that billboards do?  Well, Zander is like a billboard in the horse world.  Like that intriguing rock formation which we visited last time, his image and manner announce that he has something important for us to know.

By being around Zander on a daily basis, I’ve learned that he is an amazing communicator, a teacher, who continually shares deep and rich wisdom about horses, ourselves, and the horse/human relationship.  There’s so much to share with you from Zander in future posts, here’s just one small piece for today –

Horses are beings of wisdom

Carriers of wisdom

As long as one’s focus is on ‘how can I get this horse to do my bidding’, ‘how can I train this horse to do what I want it to do’, you repress that wisdom.

Your question should be: how can I open myself to receive the wisdom which the horse in my life has to give me?

This is a real role reversal for us, isn’t it?  So let’s keep moving with that idea; can we each explore applying this principle Zander gave us to other things around us:  why not ask ourselves, ‘how can I open myself up to receive the wisdom this tree has to give me? Or the message which that bird at my window brings each day? What does my dog want me to know?’ And, ‘how can I open myself up to receive the wisdom which the Earth has to share with me?’

So set off on the adventure Zander is bringing to us all, it’s not just about horses, it’s a wonderful invitation to create a different relationship with everything in your world!



To step into this new role of ours, there are exercises in Earth Speaks Up that will give you guidance and tools on opening up to receive that wisdom. For example, exercise 1 introduces you to opening up and attuning to Earth; exercises 7 & 8 are about attuning ourselves to the currents of energy and consciousness within rocks, but all of this can be applied to everything in your life. Some insights you gain may be quite astounding, and others will be very subtle, so I encourage you to pay close attention to the quiet nuances too.  I can assure you, the more you open yourself to this new role, the more you pay attention, the easier it will become for the insights to flow to you. More here about what the book Earth Speaks Up has to offer.


Mary McNerney
Mary McNerney
Mary McNerney has learned how to attune to Earth’s voice and vibration, and how to work together co-creatively with Earth and the Angelic Realm. In her book, Earth Speaks Up, and now in her blog, she shows us that this is an innate capability which we all have, humanity has just become separated from it by societal and cultural structures imposed over time. Both the book and her blog provide wisdom, guidance, and tools from Earth and the Angelic Realm to enable us each to re-awaken our skill and ability to listen to Earth and work together with her in a fundamental new way. We are shown we each have the capability to create positive change, for Earth as well as ourselves. Mary leads us in an entirely new direction of connecting with our planet and all of nature, a way we haven’t yet imagined. Mary received her law degree from Georgetown University and had a career in corporate and international law in Boston and Prague until she was unexpectedly propelled into this entirely new direction of working together with the Earth and sharing Earth’s voice through writing and experiential workshops. She is an active member of Lifenet Geomancy, an international organization of people on the leading edge of working together with the Earth on the energetic level, and a founding member of Lifenet Geomancy North America. More info about the author and her book is available at:!/earthspeaksup

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  1. Love this Mary & Zanda.🙏
    Indeed as we open & are curious of the messages that everything around us speaks to us through nature & all her beings, we may receive powerful insight, messages & guidance for our path, journey.
    Nature speaks.

    • Many thanks, Larry; it’s so nice to see how many of us are are interacting in this deeper way with the animals in our lives. I always love to hear the stories other people have to share about their experiences with this too —