Will The Time Stop For A While?

Like sand slipping through the fingers,

time trickles while you wish that it lingers;


All appeals lost amidst the din of

seconds, minutes and hours,

Soon disappearing into years as a pleading eye

that precious moment scours;


I have seeds of hope to sow,

and dreams to grow;


Admire the dewdrops on the face of a petal,

and rage towards the sun before the

dust begins to settle;


I’d like to see eyes not steal furtive glances

but sparkle and smile,

Would like to lay stones of good deeds

at every mile;


Time, stop for a while as I take

the myriad hues of the rainbow in,

And chase the waves back into the sea

before you begin to spin;


Time! will you be on my side as I

dust my favorite dancing shoes,

Hold happiness in the cup of my hand

and bury the blues;


Move with me time as I scale

my mountain of ambition,

Give me a hand as, for the values of life,

I polish my passion;


Let me pave the way towards

the road less travelled,

And unravel the desires

in the bosom of my heart so secretly held;


Time, while I live my life,

allow me to make a difference,

Lending a meaning so special

to an otherwise ordinary existence!!!!!


L. Aruna Dhir
L. Aruna Dhir
L. Aruna Dhir is a recognized and national-poll winning Corporate Communications Specialist and Writer. Currently, she is a Feature Writer for and Columnist with Hospitality.Net – the world’s two highest-ranked Hospitality publications. Aruna is also an avid blogger and a published poet; with two anthologies to her credit. Her writings appear in several national and international publications. A seasoned hotelier, with over 20 years of experience with some of India and Asia's top hotel brands, Aruna’s industry writings are syndicated to the finest global hospitality bodies and used as references in case studies and hotel schools. As an industry expert, Aruna has launched brands, developed training modules, created standardization dockets on business communication and written manuals. Aruna has been engaged in freelance work for Doordarshan – the Indian National Television, All India Radio, and Times FM. Aruna also serves on the Board of Association of Emerging Leaders Dialogues (AELD), a front-running Commonwealth Body that works towards developing leaders and influencers of tomorrow, with Princess Anne as its international President. An All- India level topper in her Public Relations course, Aruna has represented India to a select group of opinion-makers in the United States, as a Cultural Ambassador under the aegis of Rotary International. She has also participated in the IXth Commonwealth Study Conference held in Australia and chaired by Princess Anne. L. Aruna Dhir is the first-ever Creative Writer for the Indian greeting cards giant – ARCHIES Greetings and Gifts Ltd. She is the only person in India to have contributed original verses and have her byline on the cards. In her official and personal capacity L. Aruna Dhir has and continues to work on several social awareness projects – People for Animals, Earthquake Relief, National Blind Association, PETA, WSPA,, Friendicoes to name a few.