The phrase will-o’-the -wisp has many different meanings and idioms. In ancient folklore, the will- o’ -the- wisp were ghostly lights or apparitions seen over swampland or boggy creeks. Many cultures still have fireside stories about ghosts on the marshes. Moreover, times may have changed, but they’re still many unknown things about the universe.

Another meaning of the will -o’ -the-wisp refers to a hope or dream that motivates a person on but in the end, may be unachievable, at the end of the day. In this article, I will examine the subject of will-o’-the- wisp.

People need hope and aspirations in life. I think it’s always wise to set clear and attainable goals in life.

I believe and am encouraged by those business leaders that created something out of nothing. I admire business leaders like Bezo, Jobs, and Gates, who took a dream and worked until it became a reality. Additionally, how did they know if their dreams were nothing more than a will -o’- the -wisp?

How can I know if my dreams or goals are realistic or just a will -o’-the -wisp? How can you know if your dream or goals are realistic or a will -o’-the -wisp? Should we just trust our feelings? Should we trust our advisors? Should we trust a higher power? The stars?

I believe that if our dreams and goals are meant, to be they will happen in our lifetimes. I believe that fear and doubt destroys more dreams than could ever be counted. If a dream is near and dear to you, keep working on it but first seek validation that it’s achievable. Further, speak to a family member or a trusted colleague and ask them if they believe your dream is achievable.

Listen and accept their guidance with an open mind and clear heart. The quote below is a personal favorite of mine. The quote comes from an up and coming writer named P.S. Clien. The book that is quoted is titled appropriately enough The Will of the Wisp.

Why could a man not be fulfilled by his thoughts, paid by his joy enriched by dreams that became plans that then became reality? Fear has led him to where he was, and it was doubt that held him from where he wanted to be.

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Phillip D'Amato
Phillip D'Amato
Phillip D ‘Amato is an echocardiographer who has a passion for writing and for reading classic literature. I have worked in the field of non-invasive cardiology for twenty-five years. I enjoy studying history and am committed to preserving the environment for future generations. I write primarily about technology and other diverse fields on social media. I am working on e-publishing a sci-fi anthology series in the near future. Please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn and here.