Why You Should Work For a B Corp

Certified B Corporations are climbing in popularity among young workers as they exemplify what many see as a turn in what capitalism can be. B Corps are certainly not charities — they are driven to earn profit just like any other corporate model, but the way in which they go about it prioritizes benefitting not the shareholders first, but the communities they operate out of and the world at large. Aside from the intrinsic reward of working for a company that values sustainability, there are plenty of other reasons that working for a B Corp is a great move.

They Want You To Succeed

Certified B Corporations are redefining what success means in the world of business. For B Corps, the journey towards becoming a successful business entity and how the world is affected by their business is more important than the destination and the end goal of generating as much profit as possible.

Unlike other corporate entities, B Corps are structured in a way that takes a hard look at how they can improve the world around them beginning from the ground up. This also means that when you work for a B Corp they actually care about your success as well.

B Corps have a tendency to take a vested interest in the continued success of their employees both inside and outside of the workplace. Many employ the best Chief Learning Officers available in order to ensure that not only are employees trained correctly when initially hired but that they have access to continued training and upskilling resources through the company. This allows B Corps to rest easier knowing that they have a larger pool of varied talent within their business that they can use to hire from within.

This is great news for employees of B Corps as it gives them much better opportunities for upward mobility in the workplace. Not only do B Corps provide employees with the training and opportunities necessary to advance within the company, many B Corps actually pay for up to half the cost of paid professional development opportunities. Working for a B Corp means that you aren’t a meaningless cog in the machine, but that you have the very real opportunity to rise through the ranks of the very company you’re working for.

B Corps Live Up To Expectations

The reason many workers are flocking to B Corps in droves is that these companies tend to live up to the hype when it comes to meeting the expectations and values that the modern employee has for them. Not only do B Corps invest directly into their employee’s success, but they also tend to work extremely hard to help their employees achieve an ideal work/life balance. B Corps understand that in order to make positive changes in the world around them, they must ensure that those working for them don’t run the risk of burning themselves out.

Younger generations of workers want to find employers that espouse the same values and beliefs that they hold dear because Millennial and Gen Z workers want to feel like they are actually making a difference in the world. This makes B Corps a perfect place to find employment as they support sustainability through renewable energy sources and often work tirelessly to support causes and movements that are important to young workers.

B Corps also attract some of the best new talent available because of how they choose to run their business. Unlike other corporate structures, B Corps are desirable to workers not just for the ability to make a good living, but because of these companies’ drive to make the world a better place instead of cutting corners at every opportunity to maximize profit, regardless of the damage caused in the process. In many ways, B Corps are the solution to apathy in the workplace as they actually get employees excited to come into work as they know that they will be making a direct positive impact.

B Corps Care About Your Health

Finally, Certified B Corporations actually care about keeping their employees healthy both physically and mentally. While B Corps certainly care about public health both locally and internationally as evidenced by their commitment to operating sustainably and implementing clean energy wherever possible. They take great pains to ensure that any supplies are sourced ethically without causing damage to communities; likewise, they are just as determined to keep their employees healthy.

In addition to providing workers with comprehensive health benefits, the majority of B Corps understand the importance of preventative healthcare and work to implement company-wide initiatives to help employees take control of their own health. This prioritization of employee health works in their favor as well, considering the time and effort that B Corps put into hiring and training their employees they rightly see them as an investment into the company’s future and want to ensure that they remain as healthy as they can be for as long as possible.

Where other businesses might think that their employees want the instant gratification of employee benefits and perks as opposed to more long-term boons like annual pay raises and comprehensive health plans, B Corps go a different way. B Corps genuinely care about their employees well being as that capacity for care is baked right into the structure of the businesses themselves.

There are plenty of reasons to want to work for a Certified B Corporation. Upward mobility within the company, solid values that are actually taken seriously, and a willingness to ensure that their employees are healthy and happy are all great starting points. As far as a corporate job goes, you really can’t do much better than working for a B Corp.


Brooke Faulkner
Brooke Faulkner
Brooke Faulkner is a mom, writer, and entrepreneur in the Pacific Northwest. She loves all things literary, doggish, and plant-based. Of those, words are her favorite. You can find more of her work on Twitter @faulknercreek.

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