Why You Should Offer Staff Health Benefits

If there is one thing that’s so important for every single individual who is working in the country, it’s adequate benefits and insurance. As an employer, offering these benefits to your staff is one of the best ways to improve employee retention. No one wants to work for someone who doesn’t look after them, and you don’t want to be that kind of employer. Instead, you want to be the employer that people flock to because health and wellness isn’t something you ignore. In fact, it’s something you pride yourself on.

Investing in the right benefits, such as insurance that covers a high dentures cost, or regular massage discounts for those in a job that has them seated all day, is going to help you to be a better employer. Not only that, it’s going to help you to attract the top talent you want for your business. With this in mind, we’ve got some of the best reasons that you should be focused on offering the right health and wellness benefits to your staff.

  1. Lowered healthcare cost. If you ensure that you are offering a comprehensive employee wellness program, you’re going to help your staff to lower their costs overall. It’s so important that you think about how they are able to afford to live, and how your programs are going to help them to stay healthy. By lowering their overall healthcare costs, you have employees who are less stressed.
  2. Fewer sick days. With a focus on health and wellness, you can ensure that your employees are taking fewer sick days. They need to be as supported as possible in their quest for good health and by helping them to tackle their health risks, you’re going to enable them to find better, more preventative care. This will then lead to lower rates of illness overall. With consistent support and improvements, you will start to see the measure of your investment in healthcare for your staff – which is exactly what you should want to see.
  3. Smaller absenteeism numbers. It’s a big cost for a business, but the more your staff are off work, the worse it is for you. Investing in these health programs will help you to improve the number of sick days your employees are taking each year.
  4. Better productivity. With the right programs, you can witness your staff being more productive in their jobs. They will be happier at work and they will be less stressed and distracted during their working day. Financial wellness programs help your staff to get the help they need, whether that’s a massage or a dental check up, and without any of the stress involved in it.
  5. Improving morale. Who wants to work for an employer who offers no benefits? No one. Everyone wants to see that their employer cares about them and if you offer the right programs, you can prove that you do care for your staff and their wellbeing. People will appreciate your effort, too, if you ask what they need to be included in that wellness program.

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