Why You Should Make Graphic Design A Priority

Creativity Helps To Differentiate

Roald Dahl books were great. But what was it that really set them apart? For many, it was the illustrations by Quentin Blake, a man who seemed to be able to perfectly capture the sentiment in Dahl’s narrative.

Companies need to be able to do the same. They need to find a way to illustrate their business in a way that their customers will just get. This might be why there’s been a trend recently towards more bespoke illustrations. Companies are getting illustrators to come up with cartoons, unique to their website, to help explain who they are, what they do and what their business stands for. So far, it’s proven very effective and has helped convert more customers for businesses that have tried it.

It Makes You Stick In The Mind

Companies with poor design are hard to remember. This is because there is nothing eye-catching about their design language. Companies that do not apply the same design language across all their marketing platforms are also hard to remember. Customers have to remember that multiple formats refer to the same company.

If your company takes on a professional graphics artist, they’ll do things differently. They’ll make sure that all your colors, typefaces, and imagery are exactly the same across all your platforms. This will help your message stick in your customer’s mind. It won’t matter whether they saw your advert in a magazine or on your website, they’ll have the same experience.

Creating consistent experiences is important. The more a customer interacts with your business, the more they will feel that they can trust you, and the more likely they are to make a purchase.What’s the foundation of a strong, successful business? Ask most entrepreneurs, and they’ll tell you it’s having a great staff and a great product.

Granted, those things are important. But the world is changing fast, and they’re no longer the be all and end all. There’s an important addition that most entrepreneurs need to add to that list: graphic design.

Small businesses, of course, don’t always have the biggest marketing budgets. They want a great logo and compelling marketing, but they’re rarely willing to pay top dollar to get it. Instead, they either get one of their staff to DIY, or they try to find somebody cheap on the internet, neither of which gets them what they want.

Studies have shown that businesses that prioritize design make more money over the long term. This is why your business should make graphic design a priority.

Great Design Converts

A slick website, full of stock photos, is certainly a nice thing to have. But if it’s not setup to convert, it won’t help you make money. Good design isn’t just about making your site look beautiful. It’s about finding ways to help visitors get what they want and guiding them to take the next step. If you’re an ecommerce business, this means clicking on the buy button and checking out. If you’re a consultancy, it means clicking a button to give you a Skype call.

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