Why You Need To Fix Your Posture If You’re In The Blogging Game!

It isn’t something that you worry about so early on in life, but when you are working as a blogger, you spend so much of your time sat down, that it can have a major impact on your posture! We’ve seen so many people talk about how sitting down is the new cancer, and that obesity, diabetes, and other related health conditions are rife because we don’t move enough. But when you are a blogger, your job is to sit down and type all day, so it’s vital you look after your posture. How can you do this?

Get Up Regularly

If you find yourself sitting down for extended periods of time, over the years you are going to develop, not just poor posture, but problems with your hands, such as repetitive strain injury. As much as you’re into your blog, and hours can fly by, you’ve got to start scheduling times where you get up from your desk and walk around. Set an alarm, so you don’t ignore your body’s need for a little bit of exercise. And although you might be thinking that this doesn’t get work done, here’s a handy solution: use the speech to text function on your smartphone! There are some great programs out there, and you might find that you think better when you’re walking around talking into your phone. It also helps you to get your blog done faster, so you can focus on other things in life, such as completing that dreaded tax return!

Look After Your Body

Looking after your body is a full time job. You might find that you’re uncomfortable a lot of the time, and is this because you’re slumped over in a chair, or is it because you’ve got a very uncomfortable bed? If you find that you wake up feeling 85 years old every morning, you might sleep in an uncomfortable position, or you’ve just got a really bad mattress. Mattress-Guides.net now has a list of mattresses for people with lower back pain, which is very common if you spend most of your day sat in an office chair. The other option would be to get a standing desk. You are never slumped over, and you will still get your work done!


While you’re up and about, take some time to listen to your body, are there a few more creaks and clicks where there was none before? You will certainly feel the benefit if you take the opportunity to stretch on a regular basis. You might even find that you’re a little bit taller! If you want to go a little further with your stretching, head to a yoga class, or you can just do some yoga poses at home. Doyouyoga.com has some awesome poses for people with bad posture. But even if you’re not up to this, simple stretching will definitely make you feel some of the benefits.

Working as a blogger is more than a full time job in many circumstances, but that’s not to say you should ignore your body completely. And remember, this is one part of keeping healthy, so get some good food down you while you’re at it! The temptation to eat sugary cookies while you’re blogging is something we’ve all been through, so just stop it now!

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