Why You Need to be an Unreasonable Person to Succeed

We live in an age where our lives are often punctuated by disasters, through moments when what we were certain we knew of our lives, of our relationships, meets a threatening truth. we’re captivated by a state of unnecessary whining, in which absolutely everyone takes a small portion of you. You then develop the whole view of who you are. The imposed fear eviscerating your authenticity, your drive to remain genuine to yourself, keeps numerous people caught in a rut every day, too fearful of their negative thinking to take a leap of faith.

It is tough to unlearn negative thinking and it is even tougher to prevent yourself from being hypnotized by this steady self-defeatist monologue.

Looking back at my choices, there were many moments of pain, unhappiness, and failure, however, I rewrote the script and did not permit myself to focus on lost or like a depressed victim of circumstances. The important thing to leveraging my fears is having reached the conclusion that I can’t walk down the road of life holding hands with ease and expecting growth simultaneously. In those moments of self-doubt, you most certainly need to embrace the challenges and broaden your own compass and trust it. The essential first step to getting what you need out of life is this: determine what you want. Take risks, invest in your mind, allow yourself to fail, dare to be alone and keep in mind that the first person through the wall usually receives pain.

Go! Jim


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The Woods Kovalova Group
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  1. Everything that others can do, why with patience you cannot do it too? Only keep well in sight this rule: try again.
    When you reach a goal immediately ask what you can do better
    These two principles can help to face every challenge that life presents us, in the path towards our goal.
    Furthermore, they make us understand why we should not give up. Because it doesn’t matter how many times we fall, but how many times we get up.
    We see our failures, or the simple obstacles of life, as “signs of destiny”. The truth is that it is we who give meaning to everything that surrounds us or happens to us. We can therefore choose to see a failure as a tombstone on our projects, or we can choose to get up, to try again, maybe find an alternative way, a better way.
    Being successful “overnight” … takes years! We are always fascinated by the event that arouses clamor, while we are instead little interested in the process that led to that event, the long working days used to create products or services. There have been, and always will be, episodes in which a lucky event triggered the spark, but in the vast majority of cases success requires time and constant and continuous practice, indeed, in fact, deliberate practice is needed.