Why Was it Hard to Coexist with Jim Morrison?

We often find ourselves in dwelling, swirling scenarios during the course of our lives.

An inexplicable, foundation-less, dark matter surrounds us and we thrive to give it some explanation. A stable background, education, health, and steady fortune supports us and holds us with full power, still, we have the tendency to fall back into the matter, the nature of which is yet unknown to us.

We tend to believe that there is something fundamentally dark within us, which reduces our chances of living happily and the chance of being accepted.

Dark and gloomy as it sounds, most often the public connects this phenomenon with wounded mental health or the lack of something in one’s life.

When one bears sensitivity which reaches beyond the empathy for all that exists and the desperate will of making all that is around one, better, life turns difficult to deal with. The fabric and structure of life will be hard to see through and it will leave scars on our skins as it is caressed.

The future’s uncertain, and the end is always near.

— from Mr. Mojo Risin’

To support and understand an individual who is constantly on recovery, in a twisted way isn’t an easy task. Creative arts and activities often are a tool of one’s self-expression and conductors or insulators of their troubles. To cooperate with something that is not understood by any of the participants can be complex to process and assess.

A study by Dr. Matthew Goldenberg, General and Addiction Psychiatrist written in 2015 stated that individuals like this are having a tendency of self-destruction and abuse.

Let’s suppose, however, that in our daily life we do not meet these factors and are battling only with that certain foe that we or our environment does not understand. How then do we ought to proceed? Perhaps to shield ourselves with the practice of mindfulness can be some sort of aid, yet we cannot fully deny our fundamental self.

That has to be accepted taken in the hands and embraced firstly by our very selves. This speaks to those who isolate themselves in material or sentimental level from reality and has the habit to find refuge in their own created world. The possibilities and options to blame all sorts of mental disorders are endless and useless. There shall be always another external point that we have the option to blame and search the fault in.

We can also stress the importance of acceptance and understanding, however, there are very certain parts of the existence that we do not have to understand nor accept. To bear witness upon it and let it unfold by itself is the practice we should then apply. To let the flow of events thought, happenings, emotions form a stream in which side we sit peacefully.

We have the ability to just simply step out of the flowing water and just glance at the stream. As we observe the water drops that break into millions of tiny pieces we come to an understanding that it is a natural process that everything falls apart. The beauty of processes is in their complexity and yet simplicity as we will watch millions of shattered pieces coming together and standing intact again.

Developing and understanding of destruction and creation is a skill that can be always mastered and perfected.


Sára Szarka
Sára Szarka
Devoted to creating content daily using writing as a tool of self-expression, Sara had been fond of writing from a very young age. Embedded in twisted, psychological, and philosophical subjects, promoting the abstract allows her to find deep teachings in metaphorical creations. Currently living in Poland, she thrives on expanding her possibilities. Sara is a great fan of fantasy, sci-fi, and anything that comes with abstractness. Her daily routine consists of practicing mindfulness and daydreaming of a workplace where she can unleash the chains of creativity.

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