Why Technology is Intrinsically Linked to Healthcare

In 2020, without technology, there is no modern healthcare. The two are intrinsically linked and technology has vastly and almost immeasurably improved a whole host of aspects of healthcare, such as accessibility, better medicine manufacturing, and artificial intelligence.

To look properly into the link between modern advancements and healthcare, it is first necessary to acknowledge how far medicine has come in a relatively short amount of time.

Modern Healthcare

Like almost any strand of technology, developments in healthcare appear to grow exponentially. While some medicines, such as vaccines, have been available for hundreds of years, it is easy to forget that the move to having digital medical records, virtual doctor’s appointments, and online prescriptions are all relatively new developments.

Smartphone apps are perhaps the most ‘everyday’ development to have come into play in the past 15 years, giving patients medical reminders, access to their medical records, the ability to schedule appointments, and even tips and tricks on healthy eating and exercise.

Without modern technology, this move into accessible and convenient healthcare would not be possible. Another element of healthcare that has been improved by modern advances has been the manufacturing of medicines themselves.


The time it takes to trial, manufacture, and distribute a new drug or medicine can be long and intensive, but with better technology and understanding of clinical trial processes, modern medicines are far more likely to be effective and safe than ever before.

The laboratories, facilities, and services made available by clinical trial manufacturing experts – more information available at https://www.avomeen.com/scientific-applications/clinical-trial-manufacturing/ – are state of the art and allow thorough testing and production of products and medicines such as powders, topicals and lotions.

Without the modern technology and instruments that come with research and manufacturing organizations, the detailed trials required to have a drug approved by the FDA in 2020 would take far longer and be far less accurate.

Medical Records

While there have been some questions raised in the United States about the keeping of electronic medical records, there is no doubt of the benefits that it has brought. This link between technology and healthcare has provided doctors and patients alike with far easier access to medical records, which speeds up appointments, treatments, and prescriptions.

Electronic medical records are particularly useful when using a doctor who is not your usual consultant, as the new practitioner will be able to pull up your records from the system to view your medical history and conditions. This has contributed to the general feeling of contentment among patients, 45% of whom were found in a study to agree that electronic health records have improved the quality of care.

Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality

Perhaps the most ground-breaking of all the recent developments in healthcare, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality are the exciting future. Studies are being conducted into the role VR can play in delaying the onset of dementia, for instance, while AI is being used to interpret medical data quicker than a human can.

Through machine learning algorithms, AI is being deployed as a method of analyzing the links between different treatments and their relative patient responses and outcomes. This aids disease diagnosis, personalized medicine, and patient monitoring.

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