Why Should You Rackmount Your PC?

If your organization relies on computers to complete operations and preserve data, then you probably know that you should take many measures to maximize safety and durability. For example, it’s good to use top cybersecurity software to block malware attacks such as viruses, ransomware, and spyware. Additionally, you should invest in a firewall, a business VPN, cloud backup servers to secure your networks.

But while many companies invest in good cybersecurity tools, some ignore physical threats such as high temperatures, moisture, shock from earthquakes, etc. Here, it’s a good idea to buy rugged PCs for your company. These computers are usually sealed with no moving parts and tested to withstand shock from falls and movement.

Rugged PCs are also sealed and resistant to moisture and dust. In other words, you don’t have to worry about dust clogging your rugged PC fans and overheating, slowing down, or crashing your vital technology. Rugged PCs are also tested to work in extreme temperatures, so your hot server room won’t be a problem for these computers. And if your computers are located in a country that experiences extreme weather, then such tough PCs are necessary.

Rackmount Computer Technology

Aside from rugged PCs, it’s also a good idea to invest in rackmount PC technology to secure your hardware even more. From the right company, rackmount computers are compact and powerful machines that may offer some of the following features:

  • 1U to 4U Rack Sizes.
  • Fanless Quad Core Atom & i3/i5/i7 CPU options.
  • Removable ears for desktop/panel mounting.
  • AC or DC Input options.
  • Removable drive options (Hot Swap).
  • 1-8 expansion slots.
  • Redundant Power Supply options.

Rackmount computers are used by various industries, including:

  • Manufacturing
  • Government/Military
  • VOIP PBX Server
  • Oil/Gas/Mining
  • Factory Automation & Control
  • Public Security/Camera Servers
  • Data Center/Data Servers

What Are the Benefits of Using Rackmount Computer Technology?

To rackmount a computer is to place it in a specially designed chassis with racks, shelves, or rail kits. There are many important reasons to rackmount your organization’s systems:

1. Security

The most significant advantage to investing in rackmount computers is security. Your hardware is in a secure shell and protected from the elements. If it’s locked in the rack, it’s even safe from theft. Opening the frame to modify or check the computer is also easy because the racks are intuitively designed. Of course, they also carry multiple expansion slots for easy upgrades.

2. Organization

It’s essential to keep your workplace organized. From the right company, rackmount PCs are slim and can fit easily in your workspace, whether it’s an office room or a server space. They also feature intuitive cable management, reducing the likelihood of unfortunate accidents. It’s also easy to clean around rackmount systems because they’re better organized with fewer fall hazards.

3. Cooler

Rackmount computers have excellent airflow and run very cool. Your rackmount systems are less likely to overheat and shall offer greater longevity. It’s also easier to manage heat dissipation from multiple rackmount machines installed in an organized fashion.

These are just three of the multiple benefits of using rackmount PCs for your organization. Invest in rugged rackmount computers to secure your company’s data today.

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