Why Real-Time Chat is Playing an Increasingly Important Role in Customer Service

If there’s one thing that sets successful businesses apart, it’s the quality of their customer service. While our online world is becoming increasingly competitive, and it can often seem as though consumers are only interested in finding the lowest prices, it’s the client experience that continues to define which companies benefit from repeat custom.

That’s because no matter how low priced a product is, customers will not come back to a business that has treated them poorly. The reason this is so important is simple: Repeat purchasers represent around 41% of your revenue as a company, despite making up only 8% of your buyers.

This leads to an obvious question: how do you improve your customer service? Real-time chat is one avenue to explore. Here’s how it could advantage your enterprise.

It creates a sense of connection

For consumers, the downside to the online experience is that they do not get the same sense of connection and engagement as they would when purchasing from a shop or using a face-to-face service. While they want the convenience afforded by the world wide web, what they truly desire is for businesses to offer them the best of both worlds.

This is something real-time chat can provide. We’ll use website TheCircle as an example. Allowing consumers to connect from the comfort of their own home, this psychic chat service empowers users to chat discreetly and access instant online advice, combining convenience and technology. The result is an authentic sense of connection without the need for consumers to ever exit their front door. What’s more, such an approach is more likely to entice new customers to try out the service, as they do not have to make any long-term commitment at first.

It allows for immediate troubleshooting and assistance

As well as enabling companies to create a sense of engagement between business and client, real-time chat functions can be an invaluable tool for troubleshooting. If a customer encounters an issue with the product or service they’ve received from you, what they do not want is to have to compose an email, sit back, and wait two to four working days for a reply.

Rather, they wish to speak to someone immediately and in person, which real-time chat setups allow them to do. Not only do these provide them with answers to any questions or queries they might have, but also access to ongoing support and troubleshooting from your company and the experts behind it.

It allows you to set yourself apart from your competitors

The value afforded by the points above hardly needs to be elucidated further – suffice it to say that these combine to provide your buyers with a premier customer experience. This naturally paints your company in an incredibly positive light, helping you to stand out as a provider of top-quality service.

As a result, you very quickly begin to seem superior to those of your competitors who do not offer such immediate and easy-to-access support, with the result being an enhanced reputation within your industry and an influx of clients who have found themselves displeased with the customer experience elsewhere.

Bearing this in mind, isn’t it time you installed a real-time chat setup for your clients? With so many wonderful options to choose from, there really is something to suit every enterprise.

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