Why Most Marketing Tips Aren’t Working For Your Business

A quick Google search for marketing tips will throw up thousands of results. Everyone has an opinion on what a business should do to improve its marketing strategy. You’ve spent a lot of time reading through these tips, and you’ve started applying them to your business. However, after a few weeks or months, you’re still waiting to see any quantifiable results. Your web traffic hasn’t improved, your social media following hasn’t increased, and you’re certainly not generating more sales. 

You’ve read through the same tips over and over again, so why aren’t they working for your business? Well, this is a highly common problem, and it is fairly easy to identify some reasons why things haven’t been working for you…

The advice is outdated

Sometimes, the tips you see online might be outdated. A good way to check is to see when the article was last updated. You should see a date at the top of the page that tells you when it was published – and there could be a note saying when it was updated. If you’re reading tips from ten years ago, there is an extremely high chance most of them are no longer valid. 

Especially when we consider things like SEO, which is an everchanging landscape. SEO best practices change all the time, meaning some of the tips from years ago will actively damage your search engine performance nowadays. So, always check the date of an article when you’re looking for some free tips. The closer it is to the current date, the more accurate and updated the information will be. 

Most tips are generalized

Perhaps the biggest reason some marketing tips don’t work for your business is that they are heavily generalized. Most of the advice out there is meant for general businesses. If you run a typical office business, the tips might work for you. They might even work if you have an online business or a retail business. But, for more niche industries, the advice doesn’t always ring true. 

Instead, you need to find advice that’s industry-specific. If you run a restaurant business, you need marketing for restaurants tips. If you run an architecture firm, you will need marketing for architecture firm advice. The way your industry operates can be vastly different from someone else’s, meaning your marketing techniques need to be altered. Just look at that second example, an architecture firm has very specific clients and customers. Therefore, the techniques used to attract these clients might stray from what’s considered ‘mainstream marketing.’ If you’ve tried some general marketing tips and seen no improvements, try looking for ones that are geared specifically towards your business type/industry. 

You’re not following them properly

When you read some advice online, you need to actually follow the tips. This means you have to consistently follow through with what you’re told to do. A big problem is that people read a tip, apply it once, then wonder why their business hasn’t seen any improvements. 

The fact is that marketing is a constant process for your company. You have to keep doing things, measuring their success, then make alterations. If you only do something once, there is a low chance it will bring you any success. So, read through the advice and make sure you are following it as accurately as possible. 

The tips are from unreliable sources

Lastly, the advice you’ve been reading might not work because, well, it might be a load of rubbish. 

These days, anyone can hop online and create a post talking about marketing techniques. Some people might do it because they know that lots of people search for this topic, so it drives traffic to their site. But, for you, it means you might read and apply tips from someone that knows nothing about marketing. Thankfully, it’s easy to sort this out by only getting tips from respected and reliable sources. Also, if the same tips keep coming up in numerous articles, there’s a good chance they will actually help you. 

Generally, you shouldn’t solely rely on free tips to form a marketing strategy. Yes, there is lots of useful information out there that can definitely help you. But, if you want to see true results, you may need to invest in professional help from a marketing agency. Having said that, you should still try to figure out why the tips don’t work for you. Go through the points in this post and make the necessary alterations to find advice that might be better for you to use. This should help you see some progress, then professional help will give you an extra boost.

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