Why Leadership Is The Remedy For The Atrocious Business Failures Rates

Good management is a key to a successful business. Every organization requires a well-organized and well-defined management method and procedure to achieve the goals of the business. The management is headed by a leader. The latter is responsible for the entire process of the business operation. He foresees events that lead to formulating plans and strategies that will adhere to the operational schemes without deviation. If there’s a need to diminish a task or take corrective action, the leader will see it to it that a stable contingency plan is administered.

This is why it is extremely important for every organization to have good leaders. Business leadership constrains the management to comply with the organizational needs through a well-structured method. When the leader knows exactly what the company needs, the resources the company has, and the objectives the company wants to go, he will be able to construct highly competent strategic methods and procedures to fulfill the tasks required.

Setting the Right Tone

Leadership in business allows the lead to analyze, conceptualize and formulate the appropriate objectives for the business. What is the purpose of the business? What is the organization’s aim? What are the company’s goals? In this way, the management will understand adequately on where the business is going, through brainstorming, researching the market, and feasibility studies to gain valuable information on the path that they should be taking. A leader should be well-informed and well-versed in the current situation and standing on the economy, the market and the generating factors that affect these two.

A highly knowledgeable leader will be able to direct his team to the right path, which significantly important to the success of the business. When a leader knows the direction of where the organization is going, he can now conceptualize and formulate the steps and procedures needed to drive the business to its success.

Structuring Objectives

The management would then set a series of objectives that the business aims for. Leadership allows the proper structuring of these objectives. The leaders should know which should come first and what their last draw is. When they are able to establish a set of objectives, the organization can further expand its operations to realization. They will take all precautionary measures to avoid any unwanted event, and stand firm on their grounds.

When there is a concrete, concise and comprehensive objectives set, the organization will surely take its success as soon as the management follows to the appropriate measures and the step by step procedure created.

Identifying the Resources

Business leadership compels every leader to determine the prospective resources the company has or is able to provide. Identifying the resources include knowing each of them, and its functions in the management process. What are their important roles in achieving the goals of the organization? What good are they going to bring to the business? How can the organization get the required number? How are they beneficial to the operations of the business? How are they used? How to use them?

These are just some of the questions that need to be answered in recognizing the resources of the business.

What are the Resources?

Management has 6 resources to acquire and utilize. The manpower is the first and one of the most important resources in the list. A leader should understand the people he needs to work for his team. He should consider the work that needs to be done, and so, he can consider the qualifications, and how many people he needs to fill in the organization. It is a vital decision that a leader has to deal with. Leadership in business involves the understanding of the interrelations of the resources with each other. In finding for manpower, the leader has to consider the other resources such as money, machines, methods, materials and marketing as well as other factors.

Once the leader understands the relationship that each resource has with the other resources, it is now easier for the leader to analyze and create a methodical procedure in the usage and functionalities of the each of the resources.

Strategic Planning Schemes

Leadership skills entail to conceptualize a strategic planning scheme, which will direct to the fulfillment of the objectives, reaching the goal to success. This stage involves a formulation of systematic to plan in approaching future endeavors in the business process. It also includes the possible forecast of operations, and what are the effective alternatives that the business can take on, to stand in its ground.

When the leader is able to recognize all necessary factors and elements that are involved in the organizational flow, business success is absolutely within reach.

Wise Decision-Making

A well-versed leader has concrete steps and procedures that he is taking into strict considerations. He knows exactly what the company needs. He is not only limited to what is visible and tangible in the organization, but as well as the underlying intangible issues that may arise. Leadership in business goes beyond than what is given or seen. The decision is extensive as it covers all areas and aspects of the business. Through this process, the organization will be resilient in any unexpected events or circumstances that could either strengthen or weaken the business. However, as the leader of the organization is wise enough to think of it ahead of time, they will be able to overcome or surpass it.

Productive Organizational Skills

Business leadership effectively formulates the structure of the organization. When a leader understands the business and the resources they have, he knows how to construct a productive organizational chart that basically refers to the cost-effective scheme of the business. It will be systematized and functional operations, which means that the business is on the right path.

Outstanding Leading Procedure

Effective leaders are a result of comprehensive experience, efficient skills, natural talent, passion and the right attitude. Leadership takes on its success in properly managing people keeping them motivated to work. Motivation is one positive way of giving your employees the right boost to feed their morale, and be inspired to work. The business benefits greatly when employees are motivated because the leader is leading them the right way.

Meticulous and Detailed Quality Control

A good leader who is passionate enough to learn the workaround and the organization’s performance makes sure that he oversees the entire operations that nobody is left out, and that every operation or production is done in a meticulous and detailed way. This will further help the business to achieve continuous success.

An effective organizational management process will greatly help in the abominable failure rates of businesses, as they are ready to take on anything that comes their way because they are able to analyze and conceptualize methodical techniques and procedures that will shield the business from any shortcoming.

Andreas Jones
Andreas Joneshttps://battletestedleadership.com/
ANDREAS is the Founder of Combat Business Coaching, #1 Bestselling author of Business Leader Combat, marketing strategist, business growth expert, advisor, consultant and army combat veteran. Andreas works with small and medium-sized businesses and help them build meaningful businesses so that they can have more profit, fans and freedom. Service in the US Army forged Andreas’s character. It tested him, tested his endurance, faith, and internal fortitude. He describes it as “a trial by fire” and remains profoundly grateful for it. When he finally left the Army he did so with an astute understanding of self-ownership, implementing a vision, and the value in establishing trust and reputation. Jones applied all that he had learned serving his country to a series of jobs, including that of a VP at Sun Trust Bank. Each of his positions have endowed him with the type of knowledge required to start his own business and to provide a workable schematic for others to follow. Andreas has taken his hard-won Army lessons into the world of business, continuing to learn new skills and insight. Each fresh challenge, project or position has helped him grow into the individual he is today.

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  1. Great overview of strong leadership, Andreas. I like your focus on objectives. Although you don’t say it explicitly, I like your implications that leaders have to understand the maintain priorities in order to keep the focus on objectives.

  2. Good points. I always find that the best laid out plans, the things that we all need to do, are thrown to the waist side because we ran out of time, energy, and passion.

    I can design an organization with a culture that will repetitively fail; fail in either the good way or the bad way. I can also design an organization that will repetitively succeed; succeed in either the good way or the bad way.

    During the design, it all boils down to the 5C’s, something I seem to be using quite often.
    – Capacity
    – Caring
    – Credibility
    – Communicate
    – Capability

    We can structure things so people have the capacity to do something, may they be leaders or a producers.