Why It’s Time for a Paradigm Shift to Continuous Development

The world is dramatically changing. The global population over 60 continues to grow faster than those under 60. Society needs to see this as an opportunity, not a problem.

The gap today between work and death is dramatically ballooning out to anything from 30 to 50 years or more because a) we are living longer, and b) ageism is shortening our working life to as low as 45. Also:

• Retirement is an increasingly unpopular term
• We feel younger and want to enjoy purposeful lives well into our 80s and beyond.
• People in the workforce are giving professional development a higher priority over salary.

We need a total paradigm shift based on the fact of continuous development from birth to death, be it through payment or passion. Instead of the traditional ’mature then decline’ lifecycle, personal development continues for as long as health permits.

Continuous development brings with it more than accumulated experience and knowledge. Age deepens our understanding of life, of people, and, most importantly, of ourselves.

This shift is not just to benefit people currently over 50. This is to ensure people of all ages can look forward to being a person of value and worth for life. The only change we need is in how we think.

Peter Nicholls
Peter Nichollshttp://australiaspeoplegardener.com.au/
When you lose yourself in an interest you enjoy, you find yourself. For 50 years, Peter has been driven by a passion to understand not so much what people enjoy but why they enjoy it. What role does the enjoyment factor play in our lives, our personal growth, and development? After gaining a Bachelor of Arts Degree and a Graduate Diploma in Recreation Planning, Peter spent 30 years working professionally in recreation development, helping people of all ages improve the quality and range of their favourite recreational experiences. He was, in effect, helping people “re-create” their true self through interests they enjoy for the sheer intrinsic pleasure of the experience. His first book “Enjoy Being You” (2001) reflected his work in those years. What might this do, thought Peter, for our lives at work and personal life beyond simply leisure and recreation? After leaving work, Peter re-invented himself as a Life Enjoyment Mentor, helping people enjoy being their true selves. He created a structured approach to help people unpack everything they enjoy in life and repacking those experiences that will become the basis for their future. (Producing many ‘aha’ moments) Having a professional background in what people do when they are not at work, Peter’s writings bring a different, refreshing and revitalizing perspective to what drives our lives, including our work. As well as “Enjoy Being You”, Peter is also the author of “The Hunger to Grow – an Alternative to Retirement” (2016) and “Enjoy Being Proud of Who You Are – 52 Lifeskills Messages for Teenagers” (2013). You can find out more about Peter Nicholls at Peter Nicholls | LinkedIn, at www.australiaspeoplegardener.com.au, and on Facebook at Peter Nicholls | Facebook.