Why Is Our Moral Foundation Cracking & Crumbling?

Vantage Points Header Joel ElvesonMORALS (Wikipedia) – “The differentiation of intentions, decisions, and actions between those that are distinguished as proper and those that are improper. In other words, it is the disjunction between right and wrong.” Morals-( of, relating to, or concerned with the principles or rules of right conduct or the distinction between right and wrong. Having these two clear definitions of the word morals will help in the understanding why it is of critical importance to have a sound and rock solid moral foundation.

As if our government has not caused enough decay and degradation of our once proud nation a ruling was made that a full biological male who believes himself to be a female must now be permitted to undress and shower in a female locker room. Public Schools and secular Private Co-ed Schools have traditionally allowed for co-ed gym classes but maintained separate locker rooms for males and females. With this ruling separation of males and females in locker rooms is now obsolete as has been the case recently with Public Restrooms.

How is it now acceptable for young people who are still not fully knowledgeable about feelings of sexuality are now for all intents and purposes are now given the okay to appear nude in front of each other with no prohibition against inappropriate touching of each other’s genitalia nor for that matter intercourse. Even though these males do not consider themselves to be such they are in fact males. There is going to be great temptation on the part of some of these girls to try to get these young men aroused.

A moral society does not allow for this type of behavior. Morality as we know it is rapidly disappearing. When we allow young females to dress provocatively with tops that allow for practically full exposure of the upper body with or without the undergarment inclusive of lettering or pictures on the garment you are saying “hey look at me”. Their male counterparts are not discouraged or refrained from walking around with their pants worn significantly below their buttocks. This yet another example of a person who will stop at nothing just to get the attention he or she so craves. Welcome to the world of the selfie!

It is apparently not enough to allow pornographic public displays by “non-traditional” couples, we must now allow co-habitation of areas that were always gender specific to be turned into playgrounds for people who are less than mentally stable. A young child even when accompanied by an adult is bound to be traumatized at the lewd activities they will witness in public restroom. As children are the great imitators the probability that a child will mimic these behaviors is not out of the question.

Television (not a fan or a watcher) offers its own anti-morality/pro-exhibitionist vehicle to further erode values. Those who watch award shows where the dress code is to cover as little of your body as is legally possible on television. Glamorize those “stars” who are as close to being nude in public without going the full route. Modest dress does not sell advertising. When Adam & Eve discovered their “nakedness” they learned to cover up. We are now seeing the only minimally scaled version of how Adam & Eve originally appeared.

Some may argue that these events are no different from the times of the “Woodstock Generation” where nudity and public sexual activity was considered the norm. That generation who billed themselves of being free of our “hang-ups” suffered later on in life with disease or battles with drug addiction. These same people are now parents who “fondly” remember those days. Whatever hard lessons they learned from those experiences have not prevented them from either by way of legislation encouraging these behaviors or by way of loose parenting. Uncovered in this article are the jack hammers that mercilessly pound their way into the concrete that held us together even through some of the worst times in life. You are both reading and witnessing why our moral foundation is cracking at an alarming rate of speed. With each “relaxing” of rules of conduct we allow more significant erosion to occur. As the angry sea smashes everything in its way during a hurricane so does the same occur when morals/values vanish become increasingly obscure.

What is it that we have to do in order to re- cement the cracks along with rebuilding that which has already crumbled? In a normal home the parents would be the ones who would set a proper moral tone for the family. As we now live in time where children live with a single parent, two mothers or two fathers or parents who those who consider themselves to be “genderless” negates this as being a solution. This is in fact the exact opposite of the desired effect while serving as yet another cause of moral decay. Do not infer from my statement above that the traditional family unit is in danger of becoming extinct. It is however not as much the “norm” as it had been in years past.

The strongest most potent weapon we have at our disposal to combat this problem is religion. Religion carries a core belief in G-d. Despite theological differences in the two major religions (Judaism & Catholicism) both teach strict adherence to moral codes of behavior. In homes where there is strict religious observance the incidents of perversive behaviors are fewer and far between. The Ten Commandments are commandments meaning they are not optional. G-d gave us this gift so we would know exactly how he wants us to live our lives. Taking away strict religious observance is akin to wandering around in a forest minus a compass while trying to find your way home. There is no sense of direction.

Religion has had several incidents where deviant behavior has been practiced by some of its teachers. The process of “screening” these candidates for religious leadership broke down thereby allowing these people to enter a sacred world. Despite that many organizations have become more pro-active in their communities while some organizations such as Chabad breathe new life into country’s outside of the US along with the community their Shuls are located in. The philosophy behind organizations such as these is to introduce those who have had little or no religious background and expose them to all the good that religion has to offer them as well as their family.

I would like to thank my dear friend Philip Lower who is a dedicated husband and father with deep religious roots that he uses to instill the type of values most parents want their children to have. Phil had the courage and conviction to use Facebook in an exceptionally constructive manner to bring the issue of High School Boys and Girls being forced to undress next to each other. As a father of two beautiful young daughters he had to make sure enough people rose up to put an end to this troubling (disgusting might be a more appropriate adjective) not to mention potentially threatening to the mental health of these young people .


Joel Elveson
Joel Elveson
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  1. I’m sorry but this is an unbearably offensive piece of text – and I don’t mean “offensive” in the ‘politically correct’ sense; I mean offensive to fundamental sensibilities, the very nature of morality, and concepts of human value. You are applying your ultra-conservative moral perspective to an entire nation with the overt claim that our morality is crumbling because it differs from your own; you’re reinforcing concepts of shame and embarrassment toward one’s own body; you’re reinforcing dangerous anti-LGBT (and most notably the T in that acronym) sentiments — sentiments that are leading to reprehensible levels of LGBT youth homelessness, bullying, and suicide (something far more disconcerting than anything you mention in your piece). You are slut shaming women for choosing what they want to wear. You are attacking their very autonomy by implying that you know best about how they carry themselves. You are launching attacks against people wearing their pants low while ignoring the complex sociocultural factors that form that style. You term people “less than mentally stable” – a phrase you throw around in a dehumanizing way. You talk about children becoming “traumatized” because they will surely witness “lewd activities” in public restrooms because transgender individuals will be able to utilize those facilities.

    I’m going to stop analyzing your article here because things only degrade as they continue. The rhetoric you spew in this piece is so narrow-minded; so ignorant to the damage it can (and will) cause; so regressive that I don’t know what more to say. You are perpetuating the same hatred and discrimination that has been used against minority groups throughout human history. You are forcing your religious beliefs and standards onto the rest of us. You are judging people from all walks of life through a myopic lens because you refuse to look outside yourself and think critically about the world. Times are changing. Times have ALWAYS been changing. People made claims like yours when blacks and whites started to share classrooms. People made claims like yours when women were given the right to vote. People made claims like yours leading up to events like the Holocaust and the Rwandan Genocide. You are targeting people who are different than you and using them a scapegoat for what you claim are society’s moral failures. Nothing good will come of this, Joel. Nothing good at all.

    • Michael, Let me first thank you for reading my article and for posting your comment/opinion both of which I greatly appreciate. I have no intention of getting into a debate with you as to whose opinion is right or wrong as the fact is we are both free to express our opinion. All the best.