Why is Internal Communications Important for Your Organization?

Internal Communications is all about creating a strategy or a plan so everyone inside an organization knows what is going on.

  • Educating those inside your own organization first must be a priority.
  • Leadership in an organization must comprehend the importance of an open line of communication with employees, volunteers, shareholders, and trustees.

WHY is Internal Communications important for your organization?

  • Your own employees are truly your best advocates and cheerleaders.
  • Word of mouth is the best advertising.
  • It is the job of a leadership/executive team as well as Human Resources to educate everyone on WHAT an organization truly does, WHY and for WHOM.
  • NEVER assume.
  • Human Resource teams often communicate consistent messaging for an organization through employee orientation program or onboarding.

Internal communications for most organizations come in the form of in these instances internal newsletters, emails, and making sure everyone in the organization knows what was going on as much as possible.

Working in a silo never leads to success for an organization.

One example I remember most where communicating internally was imperative included employees wanting to bring in the union into our organization.

Our public relations team worked together to create a solid strategic plan with the leadership and what resulted were Town Hall meetings so the CEO and other key administrative team members could talk honestly and transparently with all employees during all shifts.

This was pivotal. The union was NOT brought into the organization. I truly think it was due in part to clear communication from leadership. They told employees they were valued and respected.

The leadership at this organization was the best I have ever experienced. They were brilliant, kind, respectful and they listened to their employees. There was true teamwork at this organization.

Clear, consistent communication is key.

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Jennifer McGinley
Jennifer McGinleyhttp://[email protected]
Jennifer McGinley, CEO of JLM Strategic Communications, based in the Baltimore/DC Metro area, helps individuals and organizations increase their connections, visibility, and credibility through strategic and effective public relations programs. Connect with Jennifer via her social media links above.


  1. Jennifer, so well said. Internal communication, I think, starts with a universal understanding and appreciation of “why we are here.” Can everyone articulate the mission in under 10 words?

    There is a famous story of John F. Kennedy touring the space center prior to one of the moon launches. He noticed a janitor watching Kennedy tour the facility. As Kennedy often did, he interrupted the official proceeding to talk to people, so he walked over to the janitor and asked him what his role was in the facility. Without hesitation, the man responded:

    “I’m helping to put a man on the moon.”

    9 words.