Why Is Integrating AI Into The Education System Necessary?

Artificial Intelligence, also known as machine intelligence, is a technology which allows machines to have human-like intelligence. AI technology simulates intelligent processes like learning, decision making, reasoning skills, self-correction, speech recognition and many more, in simple machines to make them work independently without human help.

This technology has integrated itself into our lives in such a way that we cannot imagine living without AI. People have started learning this technology by taking AI courses to gain more knowledge and contribute to AI development.  Top level tech companies look for employees who have knowledge in this field and hold AI training programs. Thus, the demand for skilled AI developers is increasing by the day.

How has AI contributed to different sectors?

AI has helped in the development of many different industrial sectors in some way or the other. Its contribution to these sectors cannot go unnoticed because it has brought about significant growth in each industry. Let’s look at how AI has found its applications in various sectors.

1. Healthcare

Healthcare industry involves much complex decision making and analysing tasks which have been made far easier with the help of AI technology. From collecting patient’s data to analysing x-rays or CT-Scans, AI has many applications in this industry. Apart from making data collection and analysing job easier, it is also used to get real-time advice and consultation. There are many AI applications available today which can check your symptoms, diagnose your condition and provide you with adequate treatment all by the help of speech recognition and data collection.

2. Finance

This is another sector where AI is striving and will soon take control of most of the functions. AI is used to manage investments and data, provides financial security, analyses stock market trends and handles online transactions. All the major financial firms use this technology in order to reduce cost, save time and create better financial and business strategies.

3. Agriculture

AI has constantly been making new developments in the field of agriculture. It has become very easy to detect the best crop to grow in a soil type with AI analysis. AI has 3 major applications in this sector: agricultural robotics, soil, and crop monitoring and predictive analytics. With the help of AI, the agricultural sector can thrive and produce better results at lower costs and a much faster rate.

Why is AI Important for the Education System?

There are many other industries where AI has found its applications and paved the way for a better and optimized future. The education sector is one such industry which has started getting revolutionized by AI technology.

You can say that the future of education is in the hands of artificial intelligence and machine learning. However, to assume that it will replace human aids is entirely wrong, as a matter of fact, AI helps humans to perform in a better and more efficient way.

AI enhances the education system in many ways and makes it more personalized and meaningful for students. Let’s look at how the present education system can improve with the use of Artificial Intelligence:

1. Tailored Education

As mentioned earlier, AI helps to make education more personalized for students. A classroom may have many different students who have a different level of understanding and need separate amounts of attention from the teacher. A single teacher cannot cater to every student’s need in a class, and therefore many students fail to show their complete potential.

This is where AI comes into play. AI systems have the capability of understanding and analysing each student’s requirements and level of understanding. These systems can literally tailor education for every student and play on their strengths and weaknesses.

The future of AI education system is full of possibilities. Attempts are being made to create a system which can detect a student’s facial expressions in order to identify if the student has understood a concept or not. This will make AI education systems more reliable and efficient.

2. Accurate Grading System

Grading is a strenuous job for teachers and proves to be more difficult if the class strength is more. Manual grading is also sometimes unreliable and inaccurate as humans are prone to make errors. In order to grade accurately and in an unbiased way, AI systems are required. Current AI systems are capable of grading multiple choice questions with the help of simple answer keys. You can get results within seconds which is a lot faster than manual grading. With the advancement of AI, it is expected to have systems which will be able to grade assignments as complex as essays or thesis.

3. Globalizing Schools

It is possible to bring a school to your home or anywhere you are, with the help of AI. If you don’t speak a language, real-time translation is available for translating what the teacher is saying in real time. This is a real game-changer for international students as they can study anywhere, they please without facing language barriers.

4. Finding loopholes in teaching

AI can also detect when students miss out on important concepts just by analysing their assignments. If a bulk of students answers a question differently or wrongly, AI system alerts the teacher and indicates which topic needs to be retaught in class. This makes the education system more robust and allows students to receive a better quality of education at schools.

5. Remote Access

Students can access AI support even at home to take lessons and help for assignments. AI is designed to provide reliable and efficient tutoring which not only lessens the teacher’s workload but also lets parents stay assured about their child’s education.

These were among the many reasons why integrating AI in the education system is necessary, especially in today’s world. When everything around us is getting automated, AI will only help in making the education system more structured and beneficial not only for students but teachers as well.


Raghavo Rao
Raghavo Rao
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