Why Gratitude Will Change Your Life

I stumbled upon this definition of “gratitude” on Wikipedia the other day:

“Gratitude, thankfulness, or gratefulness, from the Latin word gratus meaning “pleasing” or “thankful”, is regarded as a feeling of appreciation by a recipient of another’s kindness, gifts, help, favours, or other forms of generosity to the giver of such gifts.”

“Appreciation” is the first key word here. Have you been consciously appreciating something today? Anything? And thinking how great it is, to have things in your life that you really appreciate?

And “gifts”. What gifts are you enjoying today? Maybe the fact that you’re alive? And healthy? Is it the sunlight, or the fresh air and fresh water you have access to? Is it your freedom? People or animals in your life? Your sense of humour? Your home? The delicious food you’re having today?

And who’s the “giver of such gifts” to you? Do you ever ask yourself where all those good things come from? You might think that you got a gift from a friend. Sure, but who got that friend into your life? And why do they want to give you a present? Or you might think that your profession gives you the money to buy what you need. Sure, but who got that profession into your life? And who’s making it work?

Yes, it’s you. You have directly or indirectly created all of that. You’re creating all the time, you can’t help it. As human beings, with the frequencies that our awareness, our thoughts, and our feelings broadcast into the universe all the time, we just never stop creating. For good or for bad…

The great thing about appreciating and being grateful, is that we then tell the universe, “You see? That’s how I’m feeling”. And the universe says, “Ok, more of this coming your way, give me a minute”.

And when we’re feeling down because we don’t have what we want, when we’re looking at the lack of what we want, we’re again telling the universe, “You see? That’s how I’m feeling”. And the universe again says, “Ok, more of this coming your way, give me a minute”.

The universe doesn’t make any distinctions between good or bad. It only looks at how we’re feeling, in order to give us more of the same feeling. We love and appreciate, it gives us more things to love and appreciate. We complain and criticise, it gives us more things to complain about and criticise. In other words, our thoughts, and the feelings produced by them, are constantly creating the reality we perceive.

Our thoughts and feelings are made of pure energy, as is everything else in the universe. And the energy of our thoughts will resonate with more things that have similar energy. So these things will then come into our experience. If we have happy thoughts, we’ll start noticing more happy things, if we have sad thoughts, we’ll start seeing more sad things. This has everything to do with the universal Law of Attraction, or Law of Resonance.

Now the big thing about gratitude is, that it has the same energy as receiving. We’re grateful when we receive something. So being grateful for what we already have, no matter how small, will make more things appear into our lives, that we will be grateful for. And they can be big!

To sum it all up in 3 words, gratitude brings abundance.

There’s much talk about gratitude lately. Gratitude journals have become very popular, there are social media groups dedicated to it, meditations, articles, posters, t-shirts… This is wonderful, and now you know exactly why it’s so powerful

It’s as simple as that. Not easy! But simple.


Simona Mango
Simona Mango
Simona is by nature a big humanitarian. She genuinely loves human beings and wants them to live in peace and harmony, and joy. She wants health and wealth, and growth, and love, for every single one of them. She loves animals and wants them to be respected, she loves nature and wants this beautiful planet to thrive and bloom. She’s a bit of a utopian dreamer, but she somehow believes that all of this will become reality one day. A professional classical singer for the last 20 years, a decorator and stained glass artist before that, her whole life is driven by: Beauty, she seeks and finds beauty everywhere, and strives to create more beauty with everything she does; Communication, she’s open to people and what they have to say, and willing to open her heart to them. She speaks several languages, including the powerful, universal language of art, and she always finds some way of communicating with all creatures; Empowerment, she’s been encouraging, teaching, and advising people around her since childhood. This now inspires and permeates her activity as a singing teacher and vocal coach; as a blogger and advisor on nutrition and natural health; as a network marketer with the big vision of a society where everyone is encouraged to explore their creative and entrepreneurial talents, and become aware that they have the option to create their own financial freedom while helping the community. She has a totally holistic vision of life. Her main website as a classical singer Her blog about nutrition and health. Her website about business.

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  1. Its true at times we dont think about all the things to be grateful for. I know when i start feeling sorry for myself I only have to get grateful to bring me up out of that slump. Theres so much to be grateful for. It makes sense to live in a grateful state of being will indeed enhance my life. Great article.