Why Do You Write If You Don’t Get Paid For It?

Vantage Points Header Joel ElvesonI am not a “professional writer” by any stretch of the imagination nor do I claim to be or represent myself as such. Other than LinkedIn and a few other social media sites and a Jewish Neighborhood Magazine and perhaps one other publication my “work” is largely unknown. This is in no small part due to the fact that I am terrible when it comes to “marketing” myself and probably would not be very good at it if I tried to do it.

Along these lines, a very close friend/colleague of mine that I have known for years has often questioned as to why I invest my time in writing these article since I don’t get paid for them and furthermore that they take away from my sleep and rob me of energy needed for daily life. This question has been posed on many occasions so I decided to answer him with this article without a sending out any signals of anger which I certainly am not.

People have every right to ask questions especially to those whose actions they do not understand. Our children learn by asking questions. We as adults do or should do the same as there is so much more for us to learn. The only time a question is a problem is when the answer has already been given but the person asking the question feels the need to continually ask for the reason of your answer not corresponding to how they feel you should be running your life.

As to the question asked in the title of this article I will provide as many answers to it as I can think of (sometimes a question can provoke too many answers that giving them all would not serve any productive point) to the legions of special people I have met through my writing. Without your comments (positive or negative) writing would be meaningless as I obviously have not touched anybody.

Reason number one would have to be I write to touch people. I write to form a connection with those who take time out from their lives to read what I have written. For these same people to take additional time to post comments or their thoughts is a gift that is given to me. Thank you all for the gifts of your words to me.

Through my writing, I can be free to express my feelings in a way that brings me pleasure. I enjoy writing along with the privilege of using words as my chosen vehicle to let out what sometimes is trapped within my soul. There just is not a denomination of money or form of currency that could adequately act as compensation for writing as I do. Certainly a check every now and then would hurt or that I would not accept it, still monetary compensation pales in comparison to the reward of being in people’s ‘ lives and having them in mine.

Writing is just something I do was given the ability to this was once again something I consider a gift that was given to me. There are those amongst us who can lead and inspire through their superior oratory skills. The power of the spoken word delivered with sincerity and passion can never be discounted. As much as I love people and love to talk to people it is through my writing that I feel I communicate more effectively.

When I feel inspired by an event that I read, hear, see or have happened to me I feel compelled to put it into words to share it with others. One of the strengths I think I have as a “writer” is that I can present the event and my feelings about it to people so they can react to it with their feelings. Herein lies yet another reason for writing which is to share life’s events with others.

What I also try to accomplish with my writing is to give you glimpses into the thoughts and life of this person named Joel Elveson with the idea some of my experiences, opinions, etc. can perhaps add something to your day that you might find to be of interest to you.

I love my friend as he is a good compassionate caring person. The problem that I have with this questions is that it is difficult for me to adequately put into words (a writer that can’t put his feelings into words is the epitome of what I am which is say a non-professional writer) exactly why I do write.

In past articles I have alluded to my religious beliefs which I try to keep to a bare minimum as I don’t believe in trying to come off as looking to convert people from other religions which by the way is against the practices of my religion. What I do believe in is giving as much honor to my deceased parents without whose encouragement I would never have kept writing nor thought much of it.

To conclude this article while answering the question I guess the main reason I write without getting paid to do it is because it brings me joy while making me feel good even for a few fleeting moments. Thank you for reading what I have written now and in the past. You have brought much life into my life.

Joel Elveson
Joel Elvesonhttps://jelveson.wixsite.com/recruitersite
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  1. By sharing your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and experiences, Dear Joel Sir, you add a tremendous amount of reason to my life. I feel proud to acknowledge and appreciate the gift of conviction that you command, making you, in turn, an exceptionally convincing wordsmith.

    Your writing pro bono has given me the precious gift of a sincere, like-minded friend. As such, I pray for your continued health and well-being for a long time to come.

    Thank you!

    • Bharat, I am overcome and overwhelmed with emotion after reading your comment. Nobody has ever said to me that had the power and magnitude as your words did. It should not be forgotten that you are an outstanding writer. You have taught me so much to the point there just aren’t sufficient words to express my gratitude to you. If the above was not enough I have the honor and pleasure of having you as a friend. None of this would be possible (it still feels like a dream) had Dennis not been there to serve as the master maestro. May you and your family receive many blessings from G-d. THANK YOU, BHARAT!

  2. Joel: The only thing that separates a professional from an amateur is whether or not the person gets paid. It has nothing to do with talent. Steve DiGioia is a professional because he has had a book published. You are a professional if you have been paid for one or more articles. Many professional writers write articles that they are not paid for.

    As to why we write, I think it is pretty simple really. To share ideas, to inform, to entertain, to motivate, and sometimes just to clear the soul. Most of us do not do it for money, or accolades.

    Your articles are always well thought out, well written and informative. I appreciate them, thanks.

    • Ken, Your compliment was very touching. I have not written a book (at least not yet) but I have “sold” a couple of articles. Your comment above perfectly captured the reasons I write. One of the other reasons for writing (aside from the fact I get a great deal of enjoyment from it) is to be able to connect with people. There is no feeling (except for becoming a parent for the first time) that rivals when people send you their thoughts and feelings about what you have written. Even if the comments are negative it still a positive for as it indicates I have touched that person. Thank you for everything you wrote. To know that a colleague such as yourself thinks like the same way you do and expresses their feelings as eloquently as you did is to me being given a fortune of money. I look forward to continuing to contribute to creating material that will touch people in some way. It has been my pleasure to be in BC360 with you.

  3. Hi Joel–
    On. contraire, I find you to be a wonderful writer! Your topics interest me. Your feelings seem to come through to the reader. (At least the feelings that I believe you may be feeling.) I love that you feel joy when you write. I especially love that you realize that joy can not be matched by mere money…even though having it presented now and then is fine and welcome!

    Blessings to You!
    Traci Starkweather

    • Hi Traci,
      I want to sincerely thank you for your very gracious comments. To know that somebody like you is taking in the feelings or emotions I am writing about is a tremendous gift that you are presenting to me. Sending me your comments was a very special thing for you to do. Your compliment was very heartwarming! It is for people like you that I write. Thank you so much for your loyal readership in addition to sharing the kindness that is in your heart as well as in your soul.

  4. Hi Steve,
    Let me first thank you for reading my article and posting your comment. Writing is something we do for the love of words along with being a vehicle for expressing our thoughts and feelings. What we write down the road becomes part of the memory of us that others will share when we have passed away. Thank you again Steve for being a loyal reader. All my best.

  5. Hi Joel,

    Many of us are in the same boat; we write for the joy of writing. But most importantly, we are able to share our ideals and knowledge gathered through our years of life, not just work.

    Teachers don’t teach for the love of teaching but for the love of improving others. If we writers can do the same we have earned our time on this Earth.

    • I am so very sorry! I thought the red image was a heart because I really related to what You wrote about teaching. After I touched it, it showed that I “voted down.” It would not allow me to change my vote, Steve DiGloia. My sincere apologies.



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