People sometimes have to make others wrong to be right. They do it not to be rude, not to be mean, not to be hateful but because they fear their own bad feelings.

Simply put, when we think we’re right we feel good, and when we’re wrong we feel bad.

But it’s not always about right or wrong.

How can we relate to others without making them, or ourselves, feel bad?

We must lead with an open and nonjudgmental heart. Wronging others is a way of protecting ourselves. Instead we must allow ourselves to feel what we feel without pushing it on. It means we must accept ourselves and others—even the parts we don’t like—with no judgment.

We must lead from a broader scope than the realities we perceive. When we’re not caught up in our own version of reality, we can see and hear and feel who others really are, and we can we better understand and accept other people’s opinions and ideas.

We must lead from the middle, not the front or back. Instead of classifying others as right or wrong, or focusing on what we see as right and wrong in ourselves, there’s a powerful middle way. When we stand in front or behind, we separate ourselves from those around us.

via Why Do We Have To Make Others Wrong To Be Right? – Lolly Daskal | Leadership and Personal Development | Lolly Daskal.

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