Why do Professionals Suffer from Low-Performance Levels and Mental Unwellness?

Professionals are well-skilled while suffering from negative beliefs and trauma bonds that affect their performance and inner well-being.

Our emotions, beliefs, and spiritual self-actualization drive our skills and outcomes.

When I speak at companies about the development of self to enhance performance and inner-wellbeing, I found that most people are stuck at the heart level. Holding the past responsible for the current outcomes with a heart filled with resentment, anger, judgment, and past hurts.

As the heart is the manifestation center of what we become and achieve, we cannot mask our emotions, as they speak through us. These emotions block our future and hold us in bondage in pain and suffering.

It’s essential to recognize and evaluate our beliefs to understand their impact on our career performance, health, relationships, and home life. By finding forgiveness and releasing the past and the people involved, you give yourself the opportunity not to live in the shadow of others but to set yourself free to step into your full potential and purpose.

How often do we disempower ourselves by holding onto what others have said and done to us?

Going to work while having unresolved personal issues, puts you in automatic driving, instead of taking the steering wheel of your life and driving yourself to new heights as we cannot create new outcomes or positives while fostering the negative.

Herewith are a few tips on how to overcome negative beliefs that are affecting your life at all levels.

  1. Challenging and reframing limiting beliefs is a powerful way to shift our mindset and unlock our true potential.
  2. By replacing negative beliefs with positive and empowering ones, we can cultivate a growth mindset, embrace challenges as opportunities for growth, and approach our careers with confidence, enthusiasm, and a drive to excel.
  3. Developing self-awareness, practicing mindfulness, and seeking support through coaching or mentorship are effective strategies for uncovering and transforming limiting beliefs.
  4. Having Gratitude takes you to the next altitude!!
  5. Fostering grudges takes you down the pit of self-inflicted hell, keeping you in the loop of repeated cycles therefore it is important to understand the root of your beliefs leading to patterns of behaviour.
  6. Finding your purpose will elevate your performance in all areas, develop a healthy mindset, and lead you to feel good at everything you achieve!
  7. Appoint a mentor, healer, or holistic coach with experience in all areas of healing and business to assist you to align with who you truly are, and how to bring your authentic self forward in everything you do.

In summary, our beliefs shape our thoughts, actions, and outcomes in our careers. By cultivating positive beliefs, challenging limitations, and adopting a growth mindset, we can elevate our career performance, achieve greater success, and unlock our full potential.


Madelaine Gomes MSC.D
Madelaine Gomes MSC.D
I am a Business Advisory, a Mindset Alchemist and a Spiritual Support to Leaders. I have 35 years of Business & Leadership experience and am a former Director of a Top HR and Staff Solutions Company when tragedy struck- leading me to Alternative Healing, Mindset Alchemy, Spiritual Teacher, and emerging as a Doctor in Metaphysical Science. I have been one of the Top 20 Spiritual Leaders Worldwide speaking for the IHRC in 2020/21 as well as having spoken at Universities, and for Mental Health Awareness in Australia and various other Organizations and Companies. I am a speaker and mentor on various topics, including; Women Empowerment From Pain to Purpose, Conscious Leadership, Mindset Transformation, The Power of our Inner Wounds, and; Overcoming Procrastination and Thrive Spirituality in the Workplace. Awards include; International Woman of Courage '20 IHRC, Gold Ambassador Books of Peace - INT, and; VIP Judge for TOP WOMEN AWARDS in business.

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