Why Do I Write for BizCatalyst 360°?

That was the question I asked myself as I sat down to finish one of the dozens of drafts waiting for me in my notebook.

In the two and a half years I have been on this platform, I have written sixteen articles, which is a pretty small number compared to other authors. However, I am very pleased with my published work and feel truly honoured to be one of the 300+ Featured Contributors. Many contributors were already well-known authors before they joined BIZCATALYST, while others, like me, were just casual bloggers and novice writers who wanted to “spread their wings” (in Dennis’ words).

Before I started writing here, I had already found my voice through five years of blogging. I wrote whenever I had something to say and was ready to express it. Even after being named a Featured Contributor, I haven’t changed my approach to writing. Many unwritten thoughts and ideas are buzzing around in my head. It takes me a long time to turn them into pieces I am willing to share.

I couldn’t think of a better place to express myself than BIZCATALYST 360°. As demonstrated numerous times, this platform truly is a community.

It’s a place where an introvert like me feels comfortable writing. A writing community that values and encourages diversity. A welcoming environment of mutual respect and understanding. I’ve had constructive discussions with several writers who disagree with me but are open to hearing and understanding different ideas and perspectives. Engaging in dialogue with those who do not share your point of view and attempting to see things through their eyes can be both challenging and refreshing.

My most recent article was published eight months ago. The last two years have been physically and mentally exhausting for me. I wrote about it in my article below:

Tears and Joy of Caring for Ageing Parent(s)

Everyone is unique when it comes to life’s challenges and demands. I’ve always been hesitant to write about my struggles, not because I lacked courage but because I believed such things should be shared only with my family and close friends. However, after joining BIZCATALYST, I read many outstanding and truly inspirational stories from fellow writers who overcame life’s most difficult challenges and remained optimistic. These stories literally changed the way I thought about writing on publishing platforms and inspired me to share my struggles with others.

The entire experience of caregiving profoundly altered my life. It felt liberating to write about it and put my deepest feelings on the screen. Sharing my struggles allowed me to connect with others who could relate to my story. I’ve received encouraging messages from others who have faced or are facing the challenges of caring for loved ones. Those messages taught me that telling your story is not only a powerful tool for self-discovery; it can also provide comfort and support to others who struggle in silence and inspire them to tell their own.

Being on BIZCATALYST has taught me that stories inspire and encourage people to act. Even a small action can cause a ripple effect of change.

I will do my best to continue writing on this platform. It does not have to be perfect writing. Nothing is perfect. There is no “right” way to write about what is on your mind and heart. Another thing I’ve learned from being here is to always write in your own voice, with your passion, personality, and genuine heart shining through. I sincerely hope that my imperfect writing reflects all of this.

Writing for BIZCATALYST 360° has allowed me to reach a much larger audience than I could through my blog. It has also connected me with some wonderful people outside my professional and personal circles. I look forward to writing more and making even closer connections within this amazing community.

Why do you write for BIZCATALYST 360°? And what have you learned from it?


Lada Prkić
Lada Prkić
Lada Prkić is a Civil Engineer and has a lot of professional experience in various fields of Civil Engineering. She works at the University of Split on the capital construction projects at the University Campus and beyond. Besides performing responsible tasks as a Project Manager, and Head of Capital Investment Office, Lada became passionate about blogging. She writes about civil engineering, architecture, geometry, networks on social media, and human relations. Lada lives with her family in Split, Croatia, a beautiful 2,000 years old city on the coast of the Adriatic sea.

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  1. In general, the contents we publish, the possibility of showing them to other users and the effect they have on our lives are the basis that holds up the entire structure of the platforms. In most cases it is a need for belonging, esteem and self-realization common to all human beings. Whether we like it or not, we all want to feel accepted and valued by people with whom we share the same values.
    Furthermore, in the case of Bizcatalyst, one knows how to turn to valuable professionals, ideas from all over the world and different cultures., people from whom one can learn things, with whom one can share points of view serenely, and even dissenting opinions are polite, lucid, appreciable.
    To all this must be added the availability and intelligent work that Dennis and his staff do to allow us to express ourselves freely in an environment of maximum mutual respect.

    • Aldo, thank you for commenting on the site as well. I always emphasize the importance of commenting in the platform’s conversation space. It always saddens me to see an empty comment box below the article but multiple comments left on a shared article on LinkedIn.
      Your comment reminded me of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. According to the self-actualisation theory, any individual can achieve this level if they devote themselves to what is important to them and in which they can succeed.
      I’m just wondering if self-actualisation can be achieved through writing and what it truly means to be a self-actualise writer.

  2. I second Ken’s comment and yours, Lada, that this BizCatalyst is a rare oasis where people can disagree without becoming disagreeable.

    And frankly, the chance to communicate with people I might disagree with was part of what brought me to the platform. As Yonason Goldson says, we can’t know what we really mean unless we hear voices of dissent and line up our convictions. That is not necessary if we only exist in an echo chamber. (That is one of the topics where I do agree with him.)

    • Wonderful sentiment here, Charlotte – “Be open to a world where you may not understand or agree with the person next to you, but have a drink with them anyways.”~Anthony Bourdain … Thank you for your extraordinary storytelling and always thoughtful engagement.

    • Charlotte, I’ve had conversations with a variety of deniers and echo-chamber members on social media and in person. They are resistant to the opposing argument and simply dismiss contrary evidence. That’s why I fully agree with Dennis when he says we need more contrarians on this platform.
      It’s nice to be surrounded by people who share our beliefs, but I also believe it’s important to interact with people who don’t. Making a conscious effort in that direction is the first step.
      One thing that has helped me to broaden my thinking is the media and books I consume and the people I follow on social platforms.

  3. I don’t write on this site as often as I used to, due to several reasons. However, I have been a writer here since the early days of the site formation. I have seen it grow, evolve, and refine. Through all of that, it is the only site I know of where there is no expression of anger, hate, and insult to even those with the most diverse opinions. It is a site where one can speak personal feelings and opinions without rude responses. It is the only site where one can get glimpses of events and ideas from around the world and across varied cultures.

    My thanks and gratitude to Dennis, Ali, and their team for the honor of being a part of this unique site.

    • So grateful for your kind words, Ken – as your perspectives are from one who has been with us literally from the beginning. Your wisdom shared, your friendship over the years, and your thoughtful engagement are simply priceless, my friend. Thank you!

    • Ken, I couldn’t agree more about the nature of the site. As I said before in one of my articles, disagreement is unavoidable, as are ego, bias, and prejudice in our writing. But I really appreciate how people discuss disagreement on this site. This distinguishes BYZCATALYST from all others sites.