Why Do Businesses Care So Much About SEO?

If you’re new to the business game, you will undoubtedly have heard lots of talk on the topic of SEO – or search engine optimization. After reading countless articles, you have a vague idea of what this is all about. SEO revolves around the idea of improving the way your website performs in search engines. Thus, sites with good SEO perform better than others, making them more visible on Google, Bing, or any other search engine. 

You’ll see endless tips on how to improve your SEO, but you can easily forget to ask one key question. Why is SEO important? Why do businesses seem to care so much about it? Throughout this post, we’ll talk more about SEO and uncover some of the reasons it’s held in such high regard as part of an overall digital marketing strategy. 

The Majority Of Web Traffic Comes from Search Engines

First and foremost, search engine optimization is all about generating web traffic. This is one of the primary reasons people will implement techniques that boost a website’s search engine performance. But, why do we care so much about this – what’s so special about search engines? 

Well, the majority of all web traffic comes from search engines. It’s believed that 63% of all shopping begins online – even if a purchase happens in a physical store. To add to this, 68% of online experiences start with a search engine. Both these stats were from Intergrowth, and you can check out more here if you have any spare time. What both of these stats show us is that most traffic starts from search engines – it’s where people go to find new businesses. So, it makes sense that companies invest so heavily in SEO. 

SEO Directly Affects Your Online Reputation

Most people will stop after the first point. Certainly, beginner business owners will believe that SEO is only beneficial from a web traffic perspective. However, it also plays a role in building and shaping your reputation. Having a strong search engine performance can mean that you are seen in a positive light by consumers. They notice your website and web pages dominating the first search result places, so it’s only natural to assume that you’re a trustworthy, professional, and authoritative company. After all, there are millions of websites online; you must be doing something right to get put at the top of the results!

Similarly, search engine optimization can be called upon when you’re looking to clean your online reputation. By focusing on pushing your website and content up the search rankings for results relating to your company, you can suppress any negative content about you. Some bloggers might leave some bad reviews for you in their posts, but improving your SEO means that these posts get relegated down to the second or third search pages. So, people don’t see them, and your reputation doesn’t get damaged. 

Consequently, from a reputation standpoint, businesses need to invest in SEO to see positive outcomes. 

You Need To Win The Fight Against Your Rivals

Search engine optimization puts you in a unique position where it’s possible to hide your rivals. Imagine you have a regular store on a high street, surrounded by competitors. Try as you might, there’s no way of physically hiding the other stores from everyone’s eyesight. But, search engines can almost make this a reality. 

Again, it’s similar to negative content suppression. Improving your search engine optimization can ensure that lots of your web pages are ranking highly in the relevant search results. When people look for what your business offers, they are met with numerous results that all link back to you. By claiming these top spots, you cast a shadow over all the other search results. It’s highly possible that some of your rivals won’t even make it onto the first page and won’t be seen at all. Even if they’re on the first page, it is still unlikely they are seen as most people only focus on the top few results. 

There is a stat that illustrates this point perfectly: only 0.78% of Google searchers will bother clicking on the second page. Improving your SEO means you can basically hide a lot of your rivals! At the same time, it signifies why search engine optimization is so critical – if you’re not doing it, you could be the one that gets hidden. 

Hopefully, this post has explained some of the reasons behind the massive investment that businesses put into SEO. It is incredibly valuable and should be the backbone of every digital marketing strategy.

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