Why Can’t I Unblock The Office with a VPN?

Let’s get one thing straight – you can unblock The Office with a VPN. When you use such a service, Netflix doesn’t know where you’re located, so it won’t use geo-restrictions to stop you from watching this show.

But if you can’t successfully unblock this title with a VPN, there’s a problem. Like most VPN users, you’re probably seeing the proxy error, right?

In that case, there are some things you can do to get rid of this problem. We’ll tell you all about them (and answer other questions) in this guide.

But First – Have You Considered Getting a VPN That Actually Unblocks The Office?

Not all VPNs are able to unblock Netflix. Even the top providers encounter issues unblocking the service from time to time.

How do you know which VPN to use to unblock this specific title, though?

There’s actually a tool for that. You can check out StreamCatcher to find out what countries The Office is available in. What’s more, this service will also tell you which VPN providers can unblock this title.

The devs who made this tool regularly test the top VPNs to see which one can unblock which title. And we can confirm their suggestions are accurate because we tried all those providers: ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and PrivateVPN. We were able to get access to The Office with all three.

So if you’re not using any of those services, consider switching from your current VPN provider to one of them.

Not ready to do that?

No problem – we’ll offer you some actionable tips to get your VPN working with Netflix up next.

How to Help Your VPN Unblock The Office

Like we said, VPNs can unblock the show. But, sometimes, you need to give them a helping hand. Here’s what you can do to get rid of the Netflix proxy error:

Make Sure the App Is Up-to-Date

Yes, we all know how annoying updates are. But an outdated VPN app could leak your data or use server IPs that Netflix already blocked.

Don’t take that risk – if you have any pending updates, go ahead and run them right now.

Connect to a Different Server

Netflix might have blocked the IP of the server you’re currently using. That happens sometimes, and the easiest fix is to connect to a different server. Just make sure you pick one in a country where The Office is available (Canada, the UK, Japan, Sweden, Australia).

Quick Tip – if your VPN has dedicated streaming servers for Netflix, use them. They probably refresh their IPs more often than regular servers, so you’re less likely to see the proxy error when using them.

Clear Your Browser’s Cookies & Cache

Cookie stored by other sites on your device can sometimes leak your geo-location to Netflix. So be sure to clear all your cookies before accessing Netflix with a VPN.

Even better, do that in incognito mode (also called private mode on some browsers). That way, there won’t be any tracking cookies to deal with.

Ask the Provider Which Server to Use

Some VPNs optimize specific servers to unblock Netflix but don’t tell the public about them. Why would they, after all? If they were to do that, Netflix might somehow find out. If that were to happen, it’d be very easy for the company to block those servers.

So open up the support tab, and ask the provider’s reps which specific server you have to use to unblock The Office on Netflix.

Get a Dedicated IP

It’s easy for Netflix to detect VPN IPs because multiple people use one server IP to sign into their Netflix account. Basically, to Netflix it looks like 50-60 people (or more) are logging into their accounts from the same IP address.

Well, with a dedicated IP, you’re the only one who uses it. What’s more, some providers let you get residential addresses. With them, Netflix won’t see that your traffic is coming from data centers (a dead giveaway you’re using a VPN).

Just keep in mind that VPN providers will normally charge you extra for using a dedicated IP. Usually, it’s a monthly price.

I Followed All Those Tips and I Still Can’t Unblock The Office with a VPN

Well, in that case, you basically have two options left:

1. Use a Smart DNS

A Smart DNS is an unblocker that hides your DNS address, changes your DNS queries, and routes your traffic through different proxy servers. It does all that to help you unblock geo-restricted content.

Smart DNS services are good alternatives when VPNs get blocked by Netflix. The site doesn’t focus so much on blocking Smart DNS tools, so you might have better odds of unblocking The Office with them.

Now, this solution only works if your current VPN provider offers Smart DNS functionality (most VPNs do). If they don’t, you’ll just have to go with the second option.

2. Change VPNs

The VPN you’re using just isn’t optimized well for Netflix. The site keeps detecting and blocking its IPs, leaving you without any access to The Office.

We’re sad to say this, but you’ll have to follow our advice at the start of the article – change VPN providers. Like we already said, we tested ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and PrivateVPN, and they all can unblock The Office on Netflix without any issues.

Why Do I End Up on My Country’s Content Library?

If this happens, there’s a chance your VPN is leaking your geo-location. Essentially, Netflix still sees what country you’re from even though you’re connected to a VPN server.

To test if your VPN is leaking or not, use this tool. First, take a screenshot of the results without using the VPN. Then, connect to a server, do the test, and compare the results with the initial ones.

Does your IP or DNS address show up?

Then you’re dealing with a leak. Contact the provider’s support reps to see what’s going on. Or just switch to a leak-proof VPN (like the ones we mentioned above).

Are You Able to Unblock The Office with a VPN?

Or do you often encounter obstacles? If yes, do our tips work, or does Netflix still detect and block your VPN? Go ahead and tell us about your experience in the comments below.

And if you know other ways to get around Netflix’s detection and blocking system, please let us know.

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