Why Can’t I Find Work? The Biggest Mistakes Revealed

The job market can be rough these days, particularly when a lot of positions are given on freelance contracts. What does this mean? Basically, there’s no job security, and you could be out of work without a moment of warning. It’s a tough issue to handle but did you know that you could unintentionally be making things a lot worse? It’s true, there are certain mistakes that will mean that you find it far more difficult to find a position on the job market. Let’s look at a few of the problems and find the fixes you need.

Standing Still

If you’re in your twenties, you should not be purchasing a home. Jobs are slim on the market right now, and by purchasing a property, you are essentially limiting your job possibilities to one area. You shouldn’t do this, and instead, you need to be as flexible as possible with where you can work. You should be willing to look a few hundred miles in each direction from where you are now. Or, even be in the position to relocate to another country. You might find that prospects are far better abroad if you take the chance and move there.

So, if you do own property, you need to sell your house. Or, at the very least consider renting it out because that way you will be able to keep it on as a secondary income. Selling it is, however, cleaner and will free you to move wherever you want in the pursuit of work. You should only be buying a home if you already have a permanent position that you have held for a number of years.

Not Enough Applications

People often limit the number of job applications they send out because they hate the idea of being rejected hundreds of times. But, when the market is this competitive you need to send out as many applications as possible. Getting rejected for jobs doesn’t mean that you are a poor candidate. There are a variety of reasons why this can happen. For instance, you might be overqualified, or you could have actually missed the deadline. You just don’t know, but by applying for as many jobs as possible, you will have the best chance of getting hired.

Poor CV

Remember, the first impression employers get of you is from your CV, so you do need to make sure that it is impressive and knocks their socks off. If you’re worried about whether your CV or resume is good enough, there are services online that will check it for you. Using a service like this, you can get a pro opinion and make sure that there are no issues that will cause an employer to reject you.

An extra tip would be to call the business before you send in your application. By doing this, you can get some actual one on one time with the employer or the person deciding whether you will get an interview. If you can make sure your name is remembered, you’ll be able to guarantee that you are at least considered.

Take this advice and you can make sure that you are not at a disadvantage on the job market.

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  1. To look for a job, we must “work hard”!! Because seek work involves time, perseverance and continuous analysis: of ourselves, of our own desires, our skills and how the labor market is changing. Of course, the CV should be done as precisely as possible, but we must consider that in the twenty-first century, the real curriculum is what is online and is made up of so many traces that everyone leaves behind surfing the net.
    The most effective method, the one with the highest chance of success (86%), but also the one that requires the most effort, especially mental, is to work on ourselves, to understand clearly what we want, what we have to offer and what we are looking for. And, above all, give examples of own strengths is the most powerful method to communicate own skills, because it also helps the prospective employer to “figure out how we can work for them.”
    Analyzing the state of the art it reveals that look for a job today means first of all choose the best way to communicate our skills and to bring out our strengths. The labor market has evolved such that gave birth, in the companies, some specific needs: to be sought are no longer just technical skills but also behavioral, so-called soft skills. Flexibility, listening, proactivity, are all qualities that make the difference but that are difficult to bring in a classic curriculum vitae. In addition to these, I also think to the skills acquired in an informal and non-formal learning which in a classic CV would not find an adequate explanation, so that it let perceive its importance in our professional path.