Why Bitcoin Will Have a Role in the Future?

by Victoria Wagner Ross, Featured Contributor

TERAEXCHANGE, a registered swap execution facility in Summit, N.J. announced last Friday that it is providing the first regulated bitcoin derivative for the growing demand for hedging Bitcoin.

Leonard R. Nuara, co-founder and president, of the TeraExchange exchange states that the new bitcoin platform provided by the facility will bridge the gap between the existing bitcoin ecosystem and the investors interested in the digital currency.

Bitcoin-and-SatoshiIn order to meet the need of hedge fund traders, miners and global merchants for a hedge fund tool. Six months, since it was first announced last March 24 TeraExchange went through the process to receive approval from the Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). All bitcoin trading and swaps will be subject to the rules of the CFTC.

Aside from the launch of the first Bitcoin derivative, Amagi Metal CEO Stephen Mascalli announced last Friday that his company will cease use of the U.S. dollar in 2017.

It is not a publicity stunt. His view of the U.S. dollar and its impending financial meltdown is due to the debt as the main reason for his decision. While sharing his views with other mint and metals dealers, he is concerned about the situation and action for transition is needed immediately.

Mascalli has a fear of a complete breakdown to anarchy after a cataclysmic collapse of the dollar. His attitude is to prepare and be safe than sorry later. His epiphany came at 3 am. Thus far he has received support from dealers.
While many providers and gold dealers still do not use email and computers, Mascalli was processing $30-40, 000 a day in 2013.

Richard Branson who is on record to entering the Bitcoin market early on has viewed Bitcoin as a necessary option for his customers who book seats on his space shuttle said, “I am not foolish, if people have got lots of bitcoins and they want to go to space, I would much rather they spend that money on our spaceship […] a Virgin Galactic spaceship than on, you know […] Elon [Musk] will be sending people to space one day on Elon’s spaceships, so we’ll grab the money while it’s there.”

Branson has also participated in the largest-ever funding round for a bitcoin company when he invested in BitPay.

Bitcoin plays a very important role in the future. If you have read “The Death of Money” by James Richards, renowned financial expert with a keen understanding of global derivatives, has stated that the risks are too big to ignore. He cites Washington gridlock, China, Russia and oil producing Middle East would want to see an end to the U.S. monetary hegemony.

ISIS has been tracked as opening bitcoin wallets and use of it to purchase their needs online.

It is becoming a reality that cryptocurrency will be part of the global financial system in the very near decades. Bitcoin will be a part of that future.


Victoria Wagner Ross
Victoria Wagner Ross
VICTORIA is a freelance writer, featured on BizCatalyst 360°,, and in Bitcoin Magazine. She has also published reviews of various children and technology books. Her contributions to the non-profit sector were as a board member, with fund raising for non-profits and green conservation organizations complimenting such experience. Victoria's foundation is uniquely based upon creative and quantitative skills. Previous fiction works include concept development, writing and executive producer of three original e-Books on Amazon bookstore. As a consultant to a Fortune 100 company, Victoria received recognition in the Strategic Development discipline for creating the original design, implementation & training of a sales analysis/client demographics system. She designed and taught workshops for the development of business planning, encompassing a prospective audience of 10,000 financial advisers.

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  1. Will there be physical bitcoins or is this only for people who have access to the internet?


    Will there be a way to have bitcoins without getting electronically raped by hackers?


    Sorry, you can’t have bitcoins. They’re disappearing quickly as people get hacked or lose their keys.