Why Are You Still Neglecting Content Marketing?

Content marketing is not something new. It stretches back much farther than you may expect, with the first instances of content marketing occurring in the 1880s. Still, even though it has been around longer than anyone can remember, this doesn’t mean that it’s something that all businesses take advantage of and embrace. But why? In a world where content is king (or queen), you need to ask yourself, as an entrepreneur, why you are not making the most of your content marketing potential, and how it could help you take your business to the next level.

Increased Visit Time

Without any content on your site, how can you expect people to stick around? The more content you develop and publish, the longer people will stay. Customers and consumers always like to poke around on new websites to see if there’s anything more that they could learn about you or the industry.

With this increased visit time, you get the chance to entice them for life. This is especially useful with multi-part blog posts that will encourage them to come back for more, but you can also create customer schemes that reward people for multiple visits. This could be done through coupons or free delivery over a specified amount so that they see your content, and therefore your service, as excellent value.

A Face to a Name

In a world of massive corporations that quickly become more about the brand than the person behind it, using video content is something that many small businesses should consider, especially if it puts you directly in front of the camera.

Modern consumers like to know who they are buying off, and if you learn how to grow your small business with Youtube, it’s possible to create a strong link with your customers simply by being available. Sure, you don’t see the likes of Jeff Bezos or Tim Cook recording vlogs in their bedroom, but this is what could set you apart and other small businesses by providing that human connection.

Boosting Followers

From social media posts to vlogs and everything in between, you can use your content to boost your followers and increase your brand awareness and scope. Not all of these followers will transform into customers, but they are still useful in demonstrating your worth as a brand.

The more customers you have, especially if they are legitimate and not paid-for followers, the more authentic your business will be. You will see better engagement with your posts, which can guide others towards using your service through sharing, retweets, and other measures. This increased traffic will mean that people who have never heard of you before may be interested in your service, so the least you can do is offer it to them.

Valuable Content

It is no good creating content for the sake of it. Each blog post, viral video, or video essay needs to add something new to your audience. They must come away feeling like whatever content they just consumed, whether a light bite or full three-course meal, was satisfying. By making sure you create valuable content, you will find that you boost your customer base and develop a healthier relationship with them, too.

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